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  1. DOes anybody own a mulberry bag? I'm kinda interested in the bayswater, is the leather soft. ?
  2. I have roxanne..
    I think Bayswater leather was softer for some reason.. But some of their leather is untreated so you have to be extremely careful about contact with water and etc. My friend has a Bayswater and she spilled water on it and the it's a different color now...
  3. The Darwin leather is not soft-soft like,for example,the paddington leather,but it is very pliable and comfy,and it gets better and better and softer and softer with age.

    You do have to be careful with water...I waterproof my Roxy and Blenheim very regularly,and they have no marks on them despite unintentionally getting caught in rain.

    I haven't felt the Bayswater in person,but it can come in Darwin,Congo or antique Glace leather,and the Darwin leather is the same for all the bags.
  4. I have a choco Phoebe and an Oak Roxanne. I also had for a day or two a choco Bayswater. :weird: The leather is soft, more so on this style because it is less structured than the other two that I have. Meaning there are bigger expanses of leather that have no pockets or adornments on them, so it makes it more flexible. If you took the three styles and looked at them though, all the leathers are the same.

    If you do get one, Mulberry recommends that you use the leather protectant, collonil classic waterstop spray on it. If you have the lighter colored one, you do not want to use a liquid or cream (vs. spray) or else it will come out uneven and show on the leather.

    I love Mulberry. :smile:
  5. I have an oak Rosemary. I sprayed it with Collonil when I first got it and have had no problems. I orderd a choco Phoebe from LVR. It should arrive any day now. I can't wait! I'll spray it with Collonil as well. I haven't held a bayswater so I can't comment, but it wouldn't hurt to treat it with Collonil.
  6. Any thoughts on the bayswater bag it self. Think it will be a good everyday bag?
  7. Yes - I saw the full Mulberry range yesterday in Libertys in London and felt them all! I was actually thinking that the Bayswater would be an extremely practical bag for everyday use - I have an oak Blenheim and as pointed out above you do need to protect it from rain but once you have done that the leather ages so well even with everyday abuse. Bjara is right - it is the actual structure of the bag that makes the leather seem softer - it also seemed to me that it would be easy to open and close, carry and cram loads of stuff in. my opinion- go for it! ( but in a classic colour like oak or chocolate.)
  8. I have a Bayswater in black antique glacé leather, it's a darwin leather that was treated with heat on the surface to create the shiny finish. The glacé leather is more waterresistant than the regular darwin. I'ts also a bit stiffer when new, due to the finish, but will soften when used. I'm very happy with this bag, use it as my everyday briefcase /tote for work and can fit my laptop, a notepad plus a book into it, as well as the necessary stuff like wallet/phone/lipstick/keys. There is a small zipped pocket inside where you could put keys and a lipstick, but hardly your wallet - unless it's tiny. I prefer a larger, more clutch-like wallet for this bag, where I also put my cellphone, as there is no pocket for cellphones in the bag.

    I normally carry it over my sholder, but if I have a lot of books, I carry it in my hand and bring an extra shoulderbag for wallet/phone etc.

    The best thing with the Mulberry bags is that they get better with use - the leather only gets more soft and beautiful.
  9. Oh Vicky WOW...the antique glace Bayswater is one black bag I'm considering buying...could we pleaaaaase see some pictures of you carrying it? I have only ever seen it on the LVR website...
  10. I do want to mention something that I forgot yesterday.

    At Nordstrom, the SA did tell me that with this style she has seen the flaps on the outer end of the bag by the handles can and do start to curl upwards. There isn't enough weight, and with it being opened and closed a lot, it tends to happen.

    That is the main reason why I returned mine. :sad:
  11. The one on luisaviaroma seems to be curling in a very unnatural way too....which I why I would like to see it on someone.

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  12. I like the Tooled Bayswater - i especially like the Butterfly Bayswater - that one is my fave.

    Not actually seen them in the flesh, although i have held several other Mulberry's:love:
    Try for pics:biggrin:

    The main Mulberry factory is just up the road from me by the
  13. OH wow, just up the street huh.. thats cool.. thanks for the input guys, but since a couple of you said the flaps tend to curl up, I think I'll pass, plus the chocolate one is on backorder on still the search continues for a everyday bag. :smile:
  14. I'll post some pics tomorrow - will load the camera overnight. And I have seen some of the darwin bags get curled flaps, like mentioned. The congo and the glacé are a bit stiffer and does not curl as much as the darwin, and the tooled have a different shape + extra leather on the flaps = does not curl. But I think this also depends on how you use your bag, and how careful you are when closing it.
  15. I have an oak Roxy - Mulberry makes the most unpretentious upscale piece of leather you can find anywhere - I love mine, it gets better and better with wear and :love: