1. Hello.
    I´m new.
    I don´t know if I am on the right track, but I am soo confused......!
    How can soo many bags for sale on the internet be brand new w. tags and sell for less than a quarter of original price?
    I draw the conclusion they must be fake!!!
    I need a Mulberry Phoebe bag in chocolate.
    Do you know where, how? What to look out for.......!
  2. If you are talking about ebay, unfortunately most of the Mulberry bags may be questionable, especially New With Tags ones of a low price. (I have the impression that 9 out 10 Roxannes there are not authentic...but no real statistics to support this impression so far. Emmy and Phoebe are getting there too.) However, if you live near a Nordstrom Rack you can go there to check. There is some super good deal going on with the Mulberry bags there, such as $199-$299 when the orignal prices are $900-$1400. They are mostly tassel ones and past season ones, but at least they are real. :smile: Saks has some sale on them from time to time too.

    Hope this can help.
  3. do you know which nordstrom rack to call? i don't live near one. thanks!
  4. I was at a nordstrom rack in schaumberg, Illinois today. They had a ton of mulberry and a lot on clearance. Some bags orig price was 1200 on clearance for 300. Good deal. I'm considering going back to get one, but I'm new to the mulberry collection.