Mulberry,yes.... but what else do you splurge on?

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  1. I think its quite interesting to fess up to all our other little vices!! Not that I am in ANY way getting fed up with Mulberry's,Gods sake theres still loads to go at yet!!!!!!!!! But what other vices hit your pocket too???????? Hmmmmm?????
  2. Well actually I`m not to bad , I must have my Estee Lauder and Lancome creams and stuff thats a must !!
    I do like nice underwear and will splurge on the agent provocateur website , but really i`m quite low maintenance :smile::smile:
  3. I'm actually quite good, apart from my bag habit which is my one vice.

    I'm not too fussed about shoes. I have modest jewellery (mainly silver bits from Links or Tiffany). I buy clothes from the high street.

    I don't go on many holidays, I don't smoke and I drink in moderation. I sound boring!!!

    The one thing I can't resist is books. My flat is full to bursting with them. However, in the scheme of things, they are quite cheap so I'm a good girl really :angel:

    ETA Tara reminded me that I do like nice skincare and make up. I tend to use Dermalogica and MAC, so not too bad.
  4. Great thread, hopefully we will all feel better after reading everyone elses splurges, my other vice is Tiffany silver and I'm in danger of overdoing the expensive shoes. :shame:
  5. iI must say I'm quite the magpie when it comes to books,I have all sorts of bits and peices that I like to collect,a while ago it was Indian wooden pots, then it was wooden birds(?!) Then I range in and out of shoes,boots things to add to my other clothes,I gave up on skincare til recently!!! I am a real sucker for nice underwear tho! Thats always been a consistent one!!
  6. Expensive shoes, mainly Jimmy Choo, is what I spend on. Occasionally designer clothes as well, I need cocktail stuff for events related to DH's job.

    I also use Dermalogica, it's my all time favorite skincare line. agirlinwinter, have you ordered from the site that's physically located on Jersey? I usually order from hqhair, but a friend hinted about the Jersey site, I think the prices are lower...?
  7. Shoes, diamonds and Elemis facecreams!!!
  8. I buy from BeautyFlash who are reasonably cheap. I've never bought from the Jersey site so will check that out :tup:
  9. Sorry, I haven't ordered from that site yet, I don't know whether it's reliable (have this image of Jersey beeing a scammer's paradise, remember the tv-series that aired in the 80s..?).
  10. My collection of Hermès scarves is growing to the extent where I keep two in every box, for lack of space ...
  11. I just like nice handbags really, I do wear nice shoes but by no means 'designer' although I have got a few Ralph Lauren and Moschino pairs from Tk Maxx! I live in French Sole pumps and am saving for some crystal Gina ones for my wedding! I tend to wear all high street, mostly Zara, Ted Baker, Whistles, Karen Millen and Mango. I don't wear really expensive jewellery, I have quite a few gold Links of London pieces but I got most from Bicester and my local jeweller sells it to me with 20% off. Also I got most of it before the huge price hikes. I do have some nice sets of underwear but to be honest I am comfiest in my M&S knickers and Calvin Klein t-shirt bras! So not matching for me! I DO like nice bedsets as I can't sleep on hard cotton but again you can get really nice ones in Tk MAxx!
  12. I don't really splurge on much except for the occasional purchase from Williams Sonoma on kitchen stuff and my La Mer cream. I did splurge on some Cole Haan boots and Taryn Rose shoes which are so comfortable.
    I did however spend way too much money last year on my doll faced persian cat that I adore. Bad karma though as I told my DH that he cost me half of what I really spent! As I was leaving the breeder's house, I backed into a tree and a rock hit and cracked my windshield on the way home!! That cat ended up costing me a fortune!!
  13. This is fun to learn about you all. My other vice is Pommelato jewelry. But I'm not a collector...just a few pieces. (See the jewelry thread on tpf). Basically, I live frugally with my great handbags and my power jewelry. I live in the tropics and wear casual summer clothes. My house is decorated. My kids are about to go to college. I think I'm past the acquisitive stage in my life. I am not a collector of "stuff." I have two Hermes scarves that I use a lot and enjoy (one silk, and the other the huge cashmere square). I like to use my things, and not collect things. So I actually wear my jewelry and don't keep collecting it. I want to stop spending so much on my handbags (which I think is coming to a gentle halt) and devote my life to travel, since I'll be an empty nester. You ladies who have young children: this moment comes so quickly in your life, you won't believe it! Mark my words. Just yesterday my son was an adorable 2 year he's 17!
    I also must say that I'm not into clutter. I live in a minimal, but very lush lifestyle. I also must say that I just cleaned out my Mother's house, she passed away in 2006 -- and after getting rid of all her beautiful antiques and really made me see that it is all just "stuff." At this moment, I'd like to divert my attention to spending money on EXPERIENCES, -- travel, dining, theatre, museums...and less on stuff. That said: I adore my handbags and use them all. When they get to be too much, I edit my collection down.
  14. Tropical Gal - I throughly agree with you about the stuff. I don't like clutter so I am not really a collector. We are empty nesters too and have just starting taking nice trips and really enjoying ourselves. WE really like to cook, therefore the kitchen stuff.

    BTW , not to be nosy (even though I am) are you on the PAcific or Carribean?? My SIL lives in Mazatlan and we have to visit her there, but probalby will next year!
  15. I love Benefit stuff, I'm really getting into it. Also love Topshop clothes and I splash out on mini boden, jojo maman-bebe, NEXT and Gap for the kids all the time. So if I'm in Gap I end up getting something for me too!:rolleyes: Never happens in NEXT tho lol