Mulberry wsp price vs rrp!!!!

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  1. just got my new black goat mabel and its lovely - got it from boros who sent parcel via citylink. the label they used for my address is a scrap piece of paper which has a list printed of all the bags they stock with the whole sale prices and rrp's on it..............the mark up is massive - just thought i would post some of the prices for info....

    Bays veg tanned black - wsp 211 - rrp550
    east west bays black - wsp 171 - rrp450
    jeneh mix material - wsp 287 - rrp696
    jeneh pouch - wsp 152 - rrp 395
    charlie patent lipstick wsp 57 - rrp 150
    ant messenger - 96 - rrp 250
    Bays ost wsp 767 rrp 1998

    cant type anymore -baby is swiping at everything.. just thought this was quite interesting...;)
  2. Oops I bet they didn't mean to do that! That is quite a mark not to think about it... :nogood:
  3. oops!!!
  4. Save tree & lose costomer!?
    Their internal paper managment requires serious audit...
  5. Maybe they should spend some of their profit on a Paper Shredder!!!!
  6. Now that's some funny stuff, priceless really, or pricedover!

    Quite a mistake there.

    Congrats on your new bag, piccies please :smile:
  7. Retail mark-up in a shop is always at least double wholesale and generally higher so I am not at all surprised. You don't think that they make a big loss when they mark down to 50% do you?
  8. That is an enormous difference! But I know that is also the case with clothes and shoes, retail price is almost always about 3 times the wholesaleprice.
  9. Do you think there's enough of us on here to place a wholesale order for, say, the Mitzy hobo?! :nuts:

    That's how stores can afford their 20% off days every so often, isn't it?
  10. ditab - a hilarious and fantastic idea!!!!! i'm in:lol:
  11. Ditab - A fantasic idea which should be taken seriously by MULBERRY LONDON, after all the amount of marketing and raising of barnd awareness we do for them there should be an annual 'perk'.

    Travelbunny - I'm coming to get your Navy Bayswater, please have it ready or will set the dog on you - (see avatar for details).

  12. Oh no no no- not even my boyfriend is allowed to touch it!! I have rehomed it from another lovely tpfer and it has made my year :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Belen Echandia give tpfers 10% off and free shipping for placing a group order of 8 to make a specific bag style in a particularly colour.
  14. Would they be able to make a Mulberry Mitzy Hobo in Oak?

  15. B.E have some nice brown pebbled leather that would probably make a great mitzy!!!!