Mulberry - worth the price tag?

  1. I :heart: mulberry ! I think the leather is beautiful and I have 2 bags that I have paid full price for. However, having found out about the outlets the thought of getting a genuine mulberry at discount is very attractive. So do you all think they are worth the price tag compared to other brands? i don't have any other designer bags to compare with!!!
  2. I think Mulberry is expensive for what it is. At half the price, it would still be expensive. I think that because Mulberry is an English company and England is so obscenely expensive...that this is just, for the English, the going rate for a "good" bag.
  3. Whether a price is high or low or just right is relative. I mean one has to consider the cost of living where one lives.

    For example a $7000 Hermes bag in NYC is the equivalent of spending $9000 in LA. In this case, spending $1000 in LA for a Mulberry is a "good buy" for someone used to a high cost of living from someone who lives in London.

    I always compare it to a another brand, price-wise. A $1000 Mulberry Bayswater or a $1000 Marc Jacobs? Depends on what you're looking for but for me the Bayswater is worh it as I can use it year after year after year.

    But if I can go to an outlet to get the same thing in a lower price, why not? I have no choice so I pay full price. I think it's worth the full price tag since it is a "classic" and not "trendy" that will be so passe next year.
  4. Although I really only like to buy on sale...I have bought certain bags at full price. Because when you really want a bag, and it is one that is a classic keeper, it is worth it.
    My new MO is: I would rather have fewer bags at full price, than a closetful of sale or cheaper bags that I don't use.
    To that end, I am in the process of weeding out my handbags. I know which bags I have outgrown, and which bags I haven't used in a year. So, out they go, to make more room for the new, carefully selected ones.
    And a few new Mulberrys are in the purchase plan.
  5. Hi TG - so how are you planning to weed out your bags? I am planning on doing this too and don't really want to give it to the Salvation Army. I don't have an eBay acct so I can't sell there...

    trying to find ways here... sorry to hijack the thread...
  6. To me yes Mulberry is worth is price tag, although I admit that I have bought my bags in sales and from outlet stores, so I've paid half to two thirds of the full price for each.

    I know I am going to use my Bayswater for years to come. It hasn't been off my arm since I bought it. In terms of the cost-per-wear, I think this bag will work out to be a good purchase.

    Having bought Mulberry bags, I feel they are well made, good quality and classic designs that will look good for a long time. For me, I feel it's better value to buy one bag I *really* love than to buy lots of cheaper bags that I get bored of quickly.
  7. There aren't many bags that stand the test of time in my wardrobe - apart from my Mulberrys. Compared to many designer names - Chloe, Prada, LV - Mulberry is very good value for money. I'm lucky as I live near the main factory shop so can pick up my bags for bargain prices but I have paid full price for a Mulberry Soho. I use price per wear as a good guide and my Mulberry bags are definitely great value for the cost. The same definitely can't be said for my Chloe Paddington which cost £800 (!) and is languishing in the back of my wardrobe.
  8. Great quality, timeless design and they can be treated like canvas bags, hold loads and will not loose their looks through the years - just gain more personality. And should you ever consider selling your bags, it's no problem to find buyers as they're classic bags. So go for it and join our club! ;)
  9. I don't agree that Mulberry would be expensive at half the price. They are beautifully made bags with a timeless quality that means they will be used year in and year out...makes them better value than the high fashion designer bags that are dated after a season. I adore my Bayswater and Prairie Mulberry's and they are often admired when I use them. :smile:
  10. I have just bought my first, and it was love at first sight. I had never ever considered buying anything from this brand but the colour and style were just what Id been looking for and I saw it from a distance before I even knew what brand it was. It seems very sturdy and solid, seems like it will last ALOT longer than my chloe and so I am looking forward to it lasting a long time.
  11. My pink bayswater just arrived this morning and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. It cost £275 from eBay and is in perfect condition, I wasn't so sure about spending that much on a bag at first but I'm totally in love with it - design, worksmanship, leather smell and I can see me using it for years and years and years to come. Worth every penny imo ^^

    Not sure if I would pay full price for it though, then again they don't make these baby pink bayswaters any more so I've never seen this colour before I came across it on eBay. Will definitely be buying more Mulberrys in the future; my bank balance will hate me but I think it's worth it! :p

  12. Which bag did you get?
  13. My first and only designer bag is a Mulberry (chocolate Alana). My reasons for purchasing are firstly, I was out with a friend and had to pick up her handbag (Mulberry Bayswater, although I didn't know it at the time) and was very impressed with the quality of the leather, I commented to her how nice it was but she didn't make a big deal and I left without knowing what type of bag it was. I was in the market for a new handbag at the time, the most I've every spent on a handbag before is £35 so I figured I would up my budget and get a nice leather one, I looked in shops and searched around the net never seeing anything that took my fancy and certainly nothing that came close the quality of my friend's bag. I then stumbled upon the Bayswater online and recognised it instantly. To be completely honest I was expecting a bigger price tag as the quality was so good. I then searched on e-Bay as even although the price tag wasn't as much as I was expecting it was still way above my budget and was very fortunate to have bought the real thing rather than a fake.

    In short I feel they are worth the money for quality and classic style, I'm sure I'll have my Alana for many years and if not then it will resell.

    Only problem is now I've got a taste for Mulberry I need to save up as I fancy a bigger bag next time. :p
  14. MrsSpoon - you are totally right, your Alana will be just the first! Welcome to the Mulberry gang.
  15. The dark chocolate brown large Emmy :drool: