Mulberry worry

  1. Weeks and weeks ago when Mulberry released their new season collection I fell in love with the purple's such a beautiful bag...but it's also £695 (about US$1,400!) and sadly after forking out for my mini gaucho and a gorgeous Ferragamo hobo earlier in the year (not to mention more recently some stunning Ferragamo slingbacks and a Dior sparkling hearts necklace) I have exhausted my savings :crybaby:

    My best friend suggested waiting for the sales at Christmas time, which I would be happy to do, but I'm worried I won't get one then, because I have yet to see this bag in almost any shop! I tracked it down in Harrods, and no doubt they now have it in the Mulberry shops (I haven't been in since they were crammed with sale items a few weeks back) but in every other department store that carries Mulberry there is no sign :sad: The new collections are out, so it is not just a matter of time...

    Does anyone know where they are hiding?!!
  2. Have you tried ringing the Mulberry mail order department - you can find their number on the Mulberry website? If the bag is selling well, it is unlikely to be in the sales.
  3. I don't think it's that the stores are selling out though, I think they're just not getting the purple one in in the first place :sad:

    But now I think of it I think the Mulberry website usually does a maybe I can get one there...