Mulberry will refund the difference!!

  1. Mulbery have just confirmed they will be refunding the difference for any bags bought at the more expensive price on request, so give them a riing!!
    Also Annies due in any day!!
  2. Have you bought the black annie ????
  3. Not yet, still debating, do you want it if I empty my basket....It might help me out of a dilemma??
  4. Fantastic news about the refund. Well done!
  5. Luckily for me my local Hof have loads in so this works out cheaper for me (LOL - like ten pounds makes all the difference !!!)
    I think that if you can afford it you should go for it as they will go back up in price soon and like me if you do not buy one we will wish we had got one !!

    I`m not 100% on what colour I want will have to try them all out again .
  6. What color don't you have? I have to say my black Annie really rocks up my winter clothes,so if you don't have black,maybe thats a good staple color to go for??:tup:
  7. I've gone for black and can't wait for it to arrive. It's going to give all my boring old black & white clothes an edgier look. Great news on the refund. They're usually pretty good like that and I'm sure the pre-sale prices were wrong.
  8. I`m really practical ( not !!)

    Pink and purple bags , yeh I think you are right Blk is a good solid colour !!!

    I probably couldn`t bring it out until next winter anyhow ( justin would kill me !! )

    Do I care !!!
  9. this is my dilemma, hubby is off work today, lurking around, watching my every move!!!
    And, he is off for the rest of the week.....watching for deliveries!!!
  10. I've already prepared a cover story in case the Mulberry box arrives today when DH is at home! Hoping it will arrive on Wednesday when he's back at work!!!

  11. Fab!! I'll wait to see if they reply to the email otherwise I'll ring them! Wicked thanks for that :smile:


  12. What's your cover story?- I'm intrigued!:graucho:

  13. Too funny...ha ha My husband is usally off only one day per week...and this is nearly always when deliveries arrive too.I totally share your predicament.:yes: