mulberry well protected

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  1. just bin in the garden with effie, when i bought her the seller said she had already been sprayed twice with waterstop
    she is darwin and i have just applied mulberry nourisher to clean her before applying a coat of water stop spray
    she is in the garage as we speak drying and looking slightly darker delicious.

    was the use of the nourisher wise? i know the cream is designed for glove leather but it can be used as a cleaner too and i just wanted to clean her since i am not her owner from new

    have you purchased a ''used mulberry''? what did you do in the way of keeping her clean and protected ?xx:heart:
  2. Exactly what you did. I think the nourisher darkened it up a bit but I liked that.
  3. Bayley - personally i just normally spray it to death with colloni if it is darwin. Never tried the nourisher! Let us know how it looks.. I am sure it will look fab.
  4. Ive bought two used mulberries - didnt clean them (didnt look like they needed it!) but I sprayed them both a couple of times with collonil.
  5. No never tried nourisher on darwin, only collonil. Would be interested in hearing if it made any difference.
  6. no difference maybe a shade darker looks yummy xx