Mulberry Website

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  1. Anyone else having problems with their website this morning? I cannot view any bags!:sad:
  2. I will reply to my own thread. It is okay now:smile:
  3. Me too, just hoping it is not closed for mainteance whilst they update other prices!
  4. I am currently on the website and it appears to be okay now. I am off work all this week and looking for another Mulberry bag (even though I bought another one three weeks ago!!!)
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. Thank goodness, spotted the new Mini Mabel in Marine at Harrods yesterday, but the SA was so unfriendly decided not to give them my money - so it's back to the website for me!
  7. ^^^ Is marine different to aqua and denim?
  8. I have only seen the denim on the photo reference thread (I know someone has a denim mabel which I covet), marine is quite a harsh blue, a sort of subtle sapphire IRF.
  9. ^^^ It sounds lovely!! Do you know whether they do it in the regular size mabel, or just the mini?
  10. I find the website is often slow and 'clunky' to use. I always hope it's because they're uploading sale details onto the site servers, but no luck so far.. :rolleyes::sad: