Mulberry website - minor rant

  1. I'm a bit annoyed that the Mulberry website only really shows the styles that are available to buy online - not the full collection.

    I've just been to John Lewis and Fenwicks and seen loads of bags that I haven't seen before as they aren't on the site or in the catalogue. Including the white Roxanne and Belle with silver hardware. There were a couple of unfamiliar styles, too, but I can't remember them now (I had my little one with me and I was distracted from shopping by bribing him with biscuits!!) They had the black glove Roxanne with gold hardware and I'm sure they had an Agyness in a colour I wasn't expecting.

    Plus, I totally missed all the purple glove bags last season - I saw this pic in Chaz's post and really love the Roxanne & E/W Bayswater.

    Perhaps it's for the best as it would probably only make me want more bags :rolleyes: but I'd really like to see the full collection, all in one place.

    Just as an aside, there were 3 sale bags in Fenwicks Brent Cross - the coffee Fleet at 30% off, the vanilla Brooke at 30% off (still!) and a chocolate Portobello (mini Alana) at 30% off.
  2. That annoys me too! I can't get out much so I rely on the website to find out about the bags!
  3. I totally agree!:tup: Think it may save me from going totally bankrupted (is that an English word?) though...:p
  4. I agree- website is my only way to see the bags! Except from the UK purchases! So anybody willing to buy in the name of research for the Americans, go right ahead!:tup::tup:

    Come on ladies, help me out!!:yes:
  5. ditab-

    FYI that in a post from a week or two ago, someone mentioned seeing some of the purple glove Bayswaters in a shop in the UK somewhere... I want to say it was called Jules B? I am not sure if they have E/W Bayswater but it may be worth checking out! I think Jules B is in the posting title... hope you find something good!
  6. Thanks so much for that, iheartmulberry :flowers: I do recall seeing a purple glove Bayswater on that site, now that you mention it. I don't remember seeing the E/W or the Roxanne, though.

    That said, I'm not after any bags at the moment - admire, not acquire is my new mantra - but it would have been nice to seem them when they came out :yes:
  7. We're in the same boat! The Mulberry shops in NY have really limited selections -- far less than what's on the website. My only other option is to wait and see what crops up at the sample sales but so far, there have only been 2 and they haven't established a pattern when it comes to stocking the sales. Kroquet, are you coming to NYC if a Mulberry sale is scheduled for July or August?
  8. Good point, well made! Very limited selection online, could be a lot more extensive, good job we have this place. :graucho:
  9. I agree! The only way I see Mulberry is on the website & NAP. Closest shop is in NYC, a 9 hr drive. Restricter says the shops in NYC have less selection than the website!:cry:
  10. ditab: I love it! "Admire, not acquire." Very good.

    As for me...I feel like this Mulberry forum is all about you Brits discussing this and that...and we others are sitting in virtual limbo...with no stores around, nothing to fondle or drool at, and the website is....lacking.

    I don't mean this in a nasty way -- just calling the situation as it is. I actually find I have nothing to say, because there's nothing I can look at or even contemplate buying. Okay, the pity party is over! Carry on!
  11. I've been to the New York store and it is small, limited and "precious." What we need is for Mulberry to grow in the U.S. so that they open more stores and bigger stores! And outlets!!!!
  12. It's odd. There was more selection before Mulberry opened the stores in the US. Nordstrom carried quite a few bags and the brand was more accessible.

    I'm in the US and have to use the website to shop for bags. The site doesn't succeed in marketing the appeal of the bag.
  13. Yes, we have such limited selection - the Los Angeles store is tiny... the size of my old apartment!! :nuts: And the website is all we US girls have... and I wish it had the ENTIRE collection, whether it was in stock or not. It would be nice to at least see what we are missing!:smile: And to know what comes in what colors or leathers (in my case). Hopefully they will open some larger stores... and definitely some of these outlets!
  14. Totally agree, half the bags they do I`ve never even heard of??
  15. OK, so it looks like we need to start emailing Mulberry requesting the full collection to be added to the website :yes:

    I feel a little bit like that on the MJ forum, actually. There are some absolute steals to be had in the US - not so much over here.

    I don't think the forum is necessarily just about buying bags - there are some threads just discussing general feelings about Mulberry or whatever, and you contribute lots of interesting points to those, TG - but, as it's sale season, there is bound to be lots of acquisition. With so many of the regular posters on bag bans, I would imagine that, going forward, the threads will be far less about "I bought this bag", "I bought that bag" and more about discussions. Perhaps ;)