Mulberry wallets?

  1. Anyone got one? If so which one and what do you think of it? I'm thinking of getting the ladies small wallet in oak or black.:p
  2. I've got a couple. A long one in chocolate congo and a medium size one in red congo.
    The only ones I'm not keen on are the ones with the massive postman's lock on the front, think it would catch on everything inside your bag.
    I really love Mulberry purses/wallets and try to pick up a new one every couple of years in the sale.
    Shepton always has a huge range in all the colours so I like to have a little rummage on my trips!
  3. I'd be interested in this as well. Every decent leather purse/wallet I've ever had the credit card slots always end up stretching too much and usually only after 6-12 months use.
  4. I have the Emmy wallet in oak, which I really love. It is BIG though, but it suits me to have a big purse for everyday use. It fits all my cards/receipts etc in easily, and I have to say that I don't find the postman's locks a problem at all-they don't seem to have caused any probs to anything else in my bag. I never sprayed this one and is has developed a lovely patina. Had it around 18 months now I think.

    I love the style of the small wallet, but it's just too small for me as my main purse. Would definately use it for holidays though, as I prefer to carry something a bit more dinky then IYKWIM?

    Jo, how does the size compare to the purse you use now? If the size is good for you, I'd recommend. Oak would be my fav, but I can see the black being very versatile too :heart:
  5. Have the roxanne wallet in oak. Great big size so fits everything I need but the front buckles tend to catch on whaterver else is in my bag. Also, the lining inside the credit card slots has loosened over the years so sometimes the cards get stuck. But in all I'm very pleased. Shame they don't do the roxanne wallet any longer, seeing as they still do the bag!
  6. mulberry wallet is 12.5 x 10 cm and my current wallet is 14 x 8 so not a huge difference in size. i need something small to fit in my Antony's !!!:p
  7. Ah, yes good point :tup: Definately recommend then. I have found mine to wear really well so far
  8. This is exactly what DH said when he saw the Agyness wallet that I'm after.
    [​IMG] This one in gunmetal :heart:

    He just thought the lock would annoy me and catch on everything.

    It's such a pity we can't live with things for a week and then return them if they're not right, isn't it?! :rolleyes:

    ETA I don't have a Mulberry wallet (yet!) as I can't decide. The small ones are too small for me but the large ones don't fit in the inner zipper pocket of the Joni, Ayler & Elgin. I currently have 2 wallets - a small red Marc Jacobs wallet that I carry everyday and a long white Marc by Marc Jacobs zip clutch that holds my additional cards (loyalty cards, photos etc) that I don't need every day. I would definitely rather just have one wallet though. It's the next thing on my list ;)
  9. I' ve got one zip around and the other is a flap & I absolutely love them. I've had the choc one for about 3 years and no probs with the credit card bits stretching - probably because my cards don't spend much time in there!!!
  10. I have a small ladies wallet in oak and I :heart: it. It's big enough to fit everything i need but no so huge that it takes up all of my bag.
  11. The only think I'm concerned about is the coin section coming open as I'm trying to rummage around in my bag. Has that ever happened to you or does the magnetic fastening hold it quite well?:confused1:
  12. I like a wallet that has a coin section that you can access without opening the entire wallet for the world to see. For instance, the LV French Purse. You snap open the coin section for those transactions. Then, if you need bills or credit cards, you open the wallet.
    I do like to have a separate credit card wallet and have purchased a few over the years. This lets you have a small wallet for coins and bills. It keeps all your credit cards together. Because, again, when you're paying with a credit card, you don't need to flash all those bills; and when you're paying with cash, you don't need to flash all your credit cards. Also, if your wallet gets don't lose your credit cards. There are lots of nice little credit card sleeves on the market. This then allows you to have a small Mulberry wallet. Whew! That was long winded!
  13. And to answer the question: I would LOVE to have a Mulberry wallet, but only on super sale. I was in England last summer, first time in 20 years, and went to Harrod's when they were on sale...but still seemed too expensive to me.
  14. I have 2 mulberry wallets.One has the postmans lock and I love it.It doesn't catch on so I'm not afraid of it marking. The other one is chocolate Spring 2008 collection not yet on website and closes with a button. I don't like wallets with a zip in case it breaks or in case my money or multitude of receipts get caught in the zipper.
  15. Nope that's never happened to me, the purse stays closed the whole time it's in my bag.