Mulberry w/o strap

  1. I was tempted to buy a Mulberry Bag at the Barney's sale. It was missing the strap. You could see that the strap snaped on or something like that. Does Anyone know if a Mulberry Store would replace the Strap? I was a great price at $125.00 but useless with out the strap
  2. What bag was it?
  3. You can buy straps from Mulberry. Some bags are trickier than others re straps. If it wasn't a detachable one, you'd need to send the bag direct to Mulberry in the UK to have a new strap put on which could be expensive and take some time. Clip on straps are easier as you could just order a new one.
  4. Wow ivydog, that was some bargain :nuts:

    Come on spill, what was the bag, and more importantly, did you get it??!!

    BTW, I now officially love Barneys. My Dh just bought a great coat from there - $650, reduced to $410, reduced to $325, finally reduced to .........ta da.. $160! It looks fab on him. Having gone from Mr Scruffy in his BHS warm chunky coat, he's now gone to Mr Suave and Funky in his cute lil' Barneys number :graucho:
  5. OOOoooh what bag was it??! Im intrigued!
  6. I'm intrigued, too! I can't think of one with a snap-on strap.
  7. Some bags have D-rings that look like a strap should attach - say, Roxanne! - but are still sold with no strap. (And meant to be worn without a strap!)