mulberry vs. marc jacobs

  1. i could not figure out how to make a poll, so i am just gonna ask. which one do you girls like better, MJ or mulberry.
  2. No competition here. Marc Jacobs, hands down. I love MJ!
  3. Love MJ!!
  4. Have both, love both, but have many more Mulberrys than Marc.
  5. I too have both and love them both. Both are quality leather just real different styles.
  6. I prefer Marc Jacobs.
  7. Mj
  8. marc jacobs, for sure.
  9. I think i'm the minority here. I prefer Mulberry. The leather is high quality and style is so classic.
  10. they are noth really good designers and i love them both the quality of leather is fantastic but i would have to say Marc Jacobs
  11. MJ but I do love my mulberry phoebe bag- just a matter of taste as both are well designed
  12. oh COME ON you cant expect me to chooose!!!! lol i like mulberry messenger bags and mj shoulder bags.
  13. Mj!!!
  14. Mulberry! For some reason MJ has never appealed to me.
  15. Mulberry. My first designer bag I bought this month where a Mulberry Araline...

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