Mulberry virgin here...

  1. I have been eyeing Mulberry for a while now... I love the style, but have not purchased. A Mulberry just opened up in my area and I am so excited. AND.. aside from LV this will be my only premier designer. (I sold all my LV recently.) Can you tell I am excited?

    And I have 2 items on reserve to check out TOMORROW AM!!!

    I am looking at their wallets for a 1st purchase. I am looking at the black ID card holder one too. Can anyone tell me how they wear? Do you have any? How many and how do you like them please?

    I am also looking at cufflinks for hubby as a gift. ;)

    Thank you for your replies!

    Pics welcome~:smile:
  2. Hi Pandorabox!

    Welcome to Mulberry :hugs:

    I have two Mulberry wallets; a silky snake skin contintental wallet and a cookie long locked purse and I love them both. There is plenty of room in them for notes, receipts, cards, postage stamps, coins, etc. However, I do just slightly prefer the contintental one because there is an additional zipped pocket on the back so I can access coins without having to fully open up the purse.

    There are lots of pictures in the reference sub-forum - there's a separate thread for wallets, etc. Good luck and have fun choosing! Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  3. Ohhh sweet deal! I am so going to look. Thank you I had no idea about the thread. It did not come up. I will look closer for it.

    I did get a lovely small black wallet. Just perfect for the summer with smaller bags and my clutch. :smile:.

    Check out my reveal! :smile:
  4. Saw your lovely reveal! Why did you sell all your LV?
  5. Thanks! You know I was totally in love with LV last year and just starting to get into designers. That was all i could think about and really wanted a Speedy . I had an Alama and an Eva. When I actually had it in my hands I felt like it was not right for me. Too much money for a coated canvas bags which were the two that I had and I am def a leather girl. I feel more comfortable paying that kind of money for a good leather piece and not canvas. I also found it a little too flashy for me. So right now I am eyeing Mulberry bags and I am loving my Linea Pelle bags. I love the style of both and think it suits me better. Really it was about finding my style and what works for me. I also have a Cambridge Satchel which I love. That bag is so awesome for a whole day out cross body.
  6. Nice