Mulberry Vanilla Bayswater - real or fake?

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  1. I am calling out to the experts here - can any of you tell if this Bayswater is real or fake? I bought it on Ebay from a very helpful seller and I don't want to accuse her of selling me a fake before I am more sure.
    DSC04376.JPG DSC04380.JPG DSC04381.JPG DSC04384.JPG
  2. Can you post another picture of the key pouch so i can see the tree logo clearly also can you post a picture of the word Mulberry located on the buckle inside the bag and finally a closer shot of the disk thanks
  3. looks ok to me. is there anything in particular you are concerned about. Is the leather supple and does it smell nice?
  4. The leather is supple, not as much as on my ledbury, but it has been used everyday for 6 months which makes a difference I guess. It smells great. Maybe it's just me being suspecious.
    Here a a couple of extra pics - I have no more because I have no digital camera, I took these with my mum's camera yesterday. What do I have to look for to know if it's real?
    DSC04379.JPG DSC04381.JPG DSC04382.JPG
  5. Where do you live? Could you take it to a mulberry store to get it authenticated?
  6. No - I live in Denmark and the closest Mulberry store is in Copenhagen - on a whole other island than the one I live on.
  7. Even the store tag looks correct you can tell a fake by the colour of the tree logo. One last question is the padlock (where the tree logo is) flat or rounded and is there a small hole next to the keyhole on the bottom of the padlock?
  8. The padlock is flat. I see no small hole - where is it supposed to be?
  9. Turn the padlock upside down so you can see the key hole and there should be a very small hole located somewhere next to the keyhole (it is small but definately visible) and you say the front of the padlock is completely flat? not slightly arched?
  10. Yes, actually the padlock is slightly arched! I can't find the small hole, though
  11. As long as it is arched at the front as the fakes are flat (i have checked all of my padlocks and 2 have the hole and 1 doesn't ) is there a serial number on the reverse of the disk inside the bag ? (not to worry if there isn't)and also the dustbag does it have a tree logo on the front and reverse and what colour would you describe the tree logo as? also going back to the bag itself on the back of the black made in .... tag located at the side of the inside pocket is there anything written on the reverse and where does it say it was made..... sorry for all of the questions but these are things that separate the real from the fake
  12. It's fine that you ask questions - that's how I'll find out if it's real or fake :smile: There is a serial number on the reverse of the disk inside the bag. The dustbag has a tree logo on the front and back, the colour is gold. The little black mark inside says made in England, on the reverse it says X. Has it something to do with the factory it was made in?
  13. Made in England is fine but... all of my Mulberry handbags have 2 letters in very small lettering on the reverse of the made in tag, i have never seen one with an X so i would be interested to see what other peoples Mulberry made in tags have on the reverse
  14. Also sorry to have to ask the question but what did you pay for this bag?
  15. I know someone who has a Bayswater that was bought in a Mulberry shop and it also has an x on the little black mark so I think that might be okay.
    The bag is used - I paid 300£.
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