Mulberry UK meet

  1. I feel like I know all you Mulberry girls and thought it might be fun to have a UK Mulberry meet sometime next year.
    Obviously it would have to be somewhere accessible for all of us and would have to involve Mulberry - so perhaps one of the outlets?
    What do you think?
  2. Great idea! I vote either Bicester (central-ish) or a meet up in London! It would be interesting to meet people in person- and possibly a bit weird too! (if I tell DH I'm going shopping to meet my forum buddies he'll be convinced I'm insane!)
  3. I`m in -can I bring a bottle :woohoo:
  4. That sounds great to me :tup:....maybe Bicester? ......because then we could have the whole shopping experience :yahoo:.........and it's sort of central to get to........
  5. Bicester is probably the best location and tara, you can bring several!!
    Jo, my DH will think I'm completely bonkers but hey, who cares...
    What's the general view about Bicester?
    A Saturday is probably best because then we can all jettison our kids. Think this has to be a kid free day so we can concentrate on the bags!
  6. You just know that everyone is going to buy something - It will be crazy we are all bad enough on-line but to actually go shopping in a Mulberry store together .:lol:
  7. I'm up for it!! I don't care how far Bicester is from me as I drive so many miles randomly anyway! See my bag swapping thread and you'll see what I mean! So,time date etc and I'm there! We should all meet in a car park and have all our Mulberrys in the boot so we can all have a good butchers at each others bags!Or is my weird sense of humour not translating well here!??
    But seriously,as a thought we can all have a try on sesh without Sa's getting pissy at us all messing about, and then hit an outlet!!!Yay!!! Something to save up for!!! And advice off my Mulberry friends in person! Bonus!XXXX
  8. I'm already mentally preparing for that as we speak,so to speak............oh I'll just shut up.XXXXXXXX
  9. As there are a few of us who are gemini's maybe we could have the meet in April /May then we can all say our purchases our actually our birthday pressies (and my DH won't kill me!!!)
    oh yes- it has to be a kid free day and then we could all have lunch somewhere!!!! (civilised- with no bibs or baby wipes in sight!)
  10. Fab ideas. I'm so glad you're all up for it. It will be great to meet you all and your bags! April/May it is then. I'll check the diary and make sure I avoid any school hols and will then post a date.
    Coffee and cake followed by bag trying on sesh, followed by lunch followed by buying - my idea of a perfect day.
  11. oh yes- it has to be a kid free day and then we could all have lunch somewhere!!!! (civilised- with no bibs or baby wipes in sight!)[/quote]
    Totally,I love Sophie to bits but her shopping skills are crap!!!(I'm working on it!) And I just can't concentrate when she starts kicking off,she gets very bored when I spend ages looking at things,she really must learn to have more input into the bags she will probably nicking off me one day,tsk,kids these days! And lunch without kids!! Mulberrys! Outlets!!Meeting everyone!Trying bags!!! Oh good God that is my idea of Heaven on Earth!!!

    And as I'm a leo and my birhday is in July,I can pass off a purchase as an early birthday prezzie 'to save Andy the bother of looking himself'!!! And the weather will be getting nice too.We will all have to check in so we don't end up doubling up on bags and then we all get to try something different(oh get me,mrs bloody organanize everybody,sorry! I'm just getting a bit of a giddy kipper!)
  12. How will we recognise each other? Obviously the fact we'll all be carrying Mulberries will be a bit of a give away and I know what some of you look like from your posts/piccies but i don't want to be some crazy woman running up to everyone with a Mulberry going 'are you from the purse forum??' - or hanging around in the shop looking like a shifty shop lifter eyeing up everyones bags- oh, I do that anyway!!!!:shame:
  13. Hahahahahaha!!! the mental image I have got of that is hilarious!!! Should we do the blind date thing and wear a daffodil or some other sort of vegitation? I would'nt miss someone sporting a cauliflower!
    And I'm soooooooooo glad its not just me that bag spots!!!!! I can't tell you the amount of kids,oaps etc I've mown down walking along and checking someones bag out!
  14. Ok - you carry a cauliflower- think I'll go with a carrot myself!!
  15. Comedy shaped parsnip anyone!!! Lol!!! xxxxxxxx