Mulberry Tyndale: Gone, but not forgotten

  1. I found myself on the Mulberry website just perusing, and noticed there was a huge sale. Unfortunately, everything was sold out online. I check out my local department store that has some Bayswaters and try them on. Well, for some reason they just aren't singing to me. As I turn to leave, I notice this cute bucket bag and ask the SA about it. Long story short, I now have a Tyndale.

    I noticed there isn't much about this piece anywhere here on the forums or even on the Mulberry US website. I'm here to say it's a lovely bag and if it is discontinued due to hype or non-hype, it's a mistake on Mulberry's part. I used a strap that I purchased for another bag from mautto in order to be able to carry it crossbody.

    There are no pockets zipped pockets. Maybe a future release will fix this? It's definitely a black hole inside as well.

    Hard to take a good photo of Oxblood. The lighting has to be absolutely perfect which I have not adjusted at all. So I've put a myriad of photos and information.
    Jazzy's Bags_2154.jpg Jazzy's Bags_2159.jpg IMG_2774.JPG IMG_2776.JPG IMG_2777.JPG IMG_2778.png IMG_2779.JPG Jazzy's Bags_2780.JPG
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  2. That's a gorgeous bag!
    There are still Tyndales in the UK online sale. I thought about getting the Navy Croc print, which is about £120 more than the others. I love the look of it, expecially in the Navy Croc print, but thought it might not be a very practical bag to get in and out of for everyday use.
    I tried looking for comments on it to see how other people found it but couldn't seem to find anything.
    I decided on the New Bayswater Smooth Calf With Studs but if I could afford another bag at the moment I would love a Tyndale.
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  3. I also saw this bag on Mulberry's on line sale. I gave myself 1-2 days to think about it, then of course it was sold out! That oxblood color really drew me in. I'm sure you will be very happy with it. The sale price was incredible--that made me think it would be discontinued, and I could not locate it on line anywhere else. I consoled myself with a red makeup bag, which has the best color. That sold out also--so glad I didn't hesitate too long! (I'm in the US)
    Enjoy that beautiful bag!!!!!
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  4. Yes, if you're able to purchase it from the UK website international, go ahead and buy it! I do love the bag and am so glad I walked into it since it was never on my radar. I forgot to mention. The inside is a black hole, but it is blue suede. The blue bag is red suede inside. I don't know what color the croc embossed inside is though.
  5. Hello! I have the small Tyndale in Oak. When I got it at 50% off from the Mulberry boutique last Dec, the SA told me it was likely to be discontinued because it wasn't a popular style. That's a sad thing because the Tyndale offers a really nice twist to the usual round-ish bucket bag shape!
    I love how it looks and love the leather but have say, it is a bit difficult to dig for stuff in the bag because
    1. it's a cavernous hole in there without any smaller compartments built in (echoing JazzyMac's sentiments on this! :smile: ). I use a lot of smaller pouches/bags to organise my things in there!
    2. the opening is a bit constricted if you keep the clasp on the belt, which I do. Releasing the clasp would make the bag look sloppy, I think!
    All said and done, I am still a sucker for the bag and would buy it even if I had known what I do now! :P
  6. The Oxblood is a lovely, lovely colour! The richness of the deep red is to die for. Hope you are getting a lot of good use out of it! :smile:
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    Wow, your bag is gorgeous! I don't even mind taking the clasp off to open the bag. I switched the contents out from my LV Petit Noe, and if you "Noe" anything about that bag, sometimes it doesn't look all that refined. This bag, although bigger, is just snazzier! I feel as if I've moved to the "big girl" bucket bags now! I'm still keeping my Petit Noe for a while though!
  8. Your bag is beautiful! Since I missed out on this one, I have have purchased two others(different brands.) One, the Chloe Owen, has a large metal clasp in front, so also has some work involved in using. I also feel a little "work" for a bag we love is really OK. Most things we love in life we have to work for, and if the love outweighs some frustration which tags along, so be it. We are still happy!
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  9. The LV Petit Noe is an adorable little bucket bag! You have good taste in bucket bags! :graucho:
    I haven't thought of the Tyndale as a "big girl" bucket bag! But yes, it feels like an apt description! :coolio:
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  10. I like the perspective you have given! What is a little work to retrieve things from a bag that we love?? ;)
    The Chloe Owen is a great bag! (Should I be saying this in a Mulberry forum?!) Love the many ways you can wear it and the casual chic style of it! :loveeyes:
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  11. Ladies, im pleased i found this thread as i also cant find much on this bag and as ive lost the Mulberry love i havnt bothered to go in store this sale. I do however keep looking at this bag and only have one day to make my mid up about it.
    Do you think the leather on this bag will soften up nicely or stay stiff - not sure if it is stiff or just looks it. I would want to use it cross body and as im short may get away with it ? if not i will use something else.
    Tick Tock !
  12. I've been wearing it frequently since purchase--almost every day. I'm not sure if it will soften up even more. It's already comfortable. I also wear it crossbody, but only with a different strap from mautto, since the strap it comes with is not long enough for crossbody. I love this bag. I also am surprise at how "expensive" it looks and the fact that I got it on such a nice sale price.
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  13. I have the smaller one on the way so hopefully it wont be too long before i find out for myself :smile:
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  14. Ok ladies.........mine arrived on Tuesday and so far ive only grabbed a few minutes here and there to look at it. My first impressions were dont fight it you like it ! Then i noticed the Mulberry stamp doesnt seem to be printed on straight and then looking at the bag itself it looks like it is higher one side than the other, and being me i measured it and one side measured all the way round from tip to tip is app 4 cm more than the other. Looking at pictures online most of them seem to look shorter on the (head on) left hand side. Anyone else notice this ? is this meant to look like it ?
  15. I am thinking of getting this bag but am not sure if it would overwhelm my frame (I'm 5'2). Could anyone post any mod pics? Or advise on the size of the bag? (I'm looking at a small size). Thanks!