Mulberry Trunk Show.....

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  1. Just got back from the Ready to wear spring summer trunk show at the corn exchange in leeds, and it turned out to be a really nice afternoon.

    Unfortunately no bags there, but they had out the whole collection of clothing, or most of it anyway. there was also a good range of shoes (the pink patent bayswater pumps are lush!). In particular, the betty bow range really tempted me, especially the dress!

    betty bow dress:

    as well as the collection, they had manicurists and eyebrow threaders on hand, which was a nice touch!

    anyways, heres some piccies of the place decked out, thought it was quite funky! (apologies for the quality, took them on my iphone)


  2. oooh that looks amazing. Thanks for the piccies :smile:
  3. great pics! Thanks.
  4. how di you get to go to this! it looks amazing! x
  5. Yes, it looks amazing.....
  6. I think they packed up all the things they had in Glasgow the other night & took them down south! I quite fancied stealing one of their horses :biggrin:

    Did you get a goodie bag?
  7. Fabby pics, so did you get the brows thredded - it hurts like crazy doesn't it, and you have big red marks afterwards!
  8. I was just about to add to my thread from ages ago about this, I was there today too, with my sister and my 5yr old - who had insisted on wearing her minnie mouse dress-up dress lol. All the sales people thought she looked lovely and made a fuss of her, she had a great time!

    Was quite disappointed there were no bags there. When I asked if there were any about the lady looked quite surprised, as if nobody had thought to bring any bags and they'd just realised something was missing hehe. The clothes were beautiful though, if I had the cash there's a few things I'd definately be after :graucho:

    The goodie bags had a load of discount vouchers for various things, spa days, spaceNK, nicky clarke haircuts and brow / nail treatments, a giant heart shaped lolly, some sample sachets of random creams and cleansers etc, a sheet of pretty pastel coloured mulberry stickers (which the child promptly claimed), and A £50 MULBERRY VOUCHER :yahoo:It won't make much of a dint in the price of hayden, but will pretty much cover the bracelet they've ordered for me (the ruby bracelet in blueberry, p38 in lookbook online, can't do a link for it). They were actually giving those bracelets as a free gift with purchase, the pink leopard print pony hair type version tho. Nice GWP!
  9. Had a fab time thanks all. Kelly, my mum got an invite through the post, so i tagged along! hehe. Didnt have my eyebrows threaded (Had it done before and know its far too painful for public viewing) but i did have my nails done by the nails inc ladies.

    Forgot to mention the goody bags before, but they did include the lovely stickers people have been getting with purchases, a very nicely bound lookbook and a £50 voucher!! :yahoo: Might be making a trip to King street store soon :graucho:
  10. Ahh I think i may have seen you, your daughter looked adorable!
  11. if ANYONE gets another invite to one of these pleassssssssssseeeeeeeee let me know xxx
  12. lol cheers! :biggrin: She wasnt so adorable 5 minutes previous when we were frantically trying to clean her up before she touched anything, we'd been eating pretzels on the way through town and she was COVERED in cinnamon sprinkles. She also managed to chomp her way through at least 3 of the little salmon sandwiches and a couple of the pastries they were handing out, the greedy thing! hehe