Mulberry Tree Wrap Scarf

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm really in love with the mulberry tree wrap in black forest wool. I'm considering buying it online because in Belgium there are no mulberry stores and the stores that sell Mulberry only sell the handbags, no accessories.
    My only fear is that because it's 100% wool, it might be itchy, if you know what I mean. Has anyone seen this scarf in real life and felt it?

    Thx very much!
  2. No Sophie I haven't seen or felt irl but it looks lush and the weave very smooth so I would imagine that is is a fine and soft quality wool - quite a few of us on here have Mulberry scarves and no one has ever complained they are itchy and uncomfortable - more the opposite actually!! - I have other designs but mine are viscose/modal/silk/cashmere mix - and even my OH's mohair check isn't rough and itchy...but Mulberry scarves are fine quality so I shouldn't imagine there would be a comfort problem.....:biggrin:
  3. I can't comment Sofie, as I don't have any but I have a question for you. Which shop in Belgium stocks Mulberry? Hopefully it's in Brussels as I'll be there in a few weeks - taking bf to the grand prix; his birthday treat - so would love to see if there's something I can treat myself to as well :biggrin:

  4. In Brussels the store that stocks Mulberry is called Bouvy. It's on l'Avenue Louise, it's in the neighbourhood with all the high end shops like chanel, gucci, jimmy choo, Tiffany & Co. It's right next to a Haagen Dazs ice cream shop.
    They don't really have a huge collection, it's mostly the classic styles in the classic colours. But it's better than nothing :biggrin:

    I hope you enjoy your stay in Brussels :biggrin:
  5. Hi Sofie,

    The wool wraps are very soft and not at all scratchy. :smile:

  6. Thx :biggrin: I will put it on my graduation gift list haha :biggrin:
  7. Thank you so much Sofie, you're a star! Same road as other high-end shops? That could be very dangerous!!! But Haagen Dazs shop is just my kind of thing :biggrin:

    How long before you graduate?

  8. You're welcome, if you need any other recommendations, just ask :smile: I've studied in Brussels for 4 years now, so I know my way around :biggrin:
    I graduate in just a month :biggrin: