Mulberry Treasures!

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  1. Am I late again? Mulberry has some really wonderful looking bags!

    Which is your fav one? Mine is the Tassle Phoebe. :love:

    [​IMG] Tassle Utah[​IMG] Tassle Roxanne[​IMG]Tassle Phoebe
    Pics taken from Very juicy tempting bags! And they come in different colours!! :biggrin:

    Hope I did not duplicate anyone's thread. If so, thousand apologies. Thanks!
  2. I have to say the Utah. Does it come in lavendar like the elgin? I love that color.
  3. i love the shape of the phoebe... would look really cute!
  4. the phobe shape is cute....but for this particular bag, I think I do prefer it without the tassels

  5. I like the phoebe, especially in apple green color.
  6. ohh, i just saw the phoebe in black....definitely like this one1
  7. phoebe....great bag!!
  8. I really like both the Phoebe and Utah!
  9. Haha.. oh boo, gotta show the tassel roxanne some love ! It's so cute !