Mulberry Tessie Hobo

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  1. I saw a lady in her fifties wearing the Mulberry Tessie hobo in oak and I thought it looked very chic with her Summery outfit. I was wondering if anyone owns a Tessie Hobo and what the wear and tear is like for the Tessie leather. Also how do you find the magnetic closure? Is the bag easy to get in and out of? TIA
  2. Thank you so much for your reply Mulbs! Glad to hear you love yours. I'll have a look at that thread now! :smile:
  3. I don't own one but a colleague at work had the oak and then went and got the black as she loved it so much.
    I really do like the tessie totes. The leather is lovely and it looks great for an unstructured bag. I am always stoking my colleague's Tessies. She must think I am a mad woman. :P
  4. Thanks CPrincess UK, I tried it on recently and found it very comfortable. It does look much nicer in real life than in pics.