mulberry tag

  1. Hello,

    I just got a mulberry bag from off 5th. When I tried to find pictures from internet to show my friend the bag I got. I came across one website, don't remember which. there was a picture of the back of round mulberry engraved brass tag. (it's inside the bag .. Interior leather Mulberry tag and round Mulberry tree engraved brass tag) And, I saw that there are numbers on the back of that brass tag. I guess it's code or something.

    One day later, I was curious so I open my mulberry back, and there was nothing on the back of the round brass tag! :sad:

    Is there supposed to be a bunch of number on the back of the brass tag?

    The following is not from my bag, it's just to show this is, brass tag , I'm talking about.

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. Hi!

    Some of the older Mulberry bags were made with serial numbers, so if yours is plain then that's fine!:yes:
    I have a Rosemary and the back of the disc is plain.

    The newer designs, and designs from the past year or so don't have serial numbers.
    Mulberry stopped putting the serial number on after counterfeiters were copying them..

    Hope this helps!:flowers:
  3. Wow, chicky.

    Thanks for your answer. :smile: