Mulberry sunglasses on the site now!

  1. Now you can all see the Mulberry Cutler & Gross sunglasses as they've been added to the site.

    I think there is one nice (subtle) pair of aviators but not sure about any of the others...
  2. Quite odd I think. Red Debbies could go with red mabel maybe.
  3. Crumbs their expensive. Can't imagine buying a pair.
  4. They are also quite ugly. Can get the same look at a cheapie sunglass store and not worry when they break or get lost.
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: at Zooba!

    I agree, they're not for me. Good news though - more money for bags :smile:
  6. Well, I like the Jackie style - fun in a retro kind of way - but I would never buy them at this price. For £250 I'd much rather get a pair of Chanel sunnies.
  7. Oooh, I'm a sunnies addict so I'm off to have a look. Not sure I could buy off the site though as you really need to try them on.
  8. I am loving the Jackie design in tortoiseshell, but they are too expensive for this girl.
  9. I have lots of sunglasses I don't get to wear use buying new ones! * ugh * dry eyes are not good for the ego, I have to wear prescription glasses. I

    can bear the contact lenses only for 2-4 hours and I use them when I go to a party, then I can't wait to get home to take them off!

    I have to agree with the above comments, I looked at the Mulberry sunglasses and I'm not feeling it, I mean they are not one of those that makes my heart go a-flutter.