Mulberry suede leather

  1. Haven't used it on the inside but might do from now on....:smile:
  2. I must invest in a couple of liners, it's so laborious changing bags!! What sort do you have?
  3. I keep looking at liners...l think it's such a good idea just wish I could try them out in a shop!! Too much effort working out with dimensions if it will fit right!!!
  4. I agree on sizing....maybe there is a thread somewhere that could save the work for us!! :smile:
  5. Yes it can be a real pain changing bags:graucho:

    I use the Tintamar VIP large, they are quite pricey but you can usually pick them up on eBay at a sensible price.

    I have tried others but these are very flexible yet still hold their shape. I can’t get on with the rigid ones, can’t squash them into a Lexy. They also wash really easy & dry overnight.:cool:
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    The Tintamar VIP ONE is smaller and would fit your Postmans lock satchel comfortably with room also for a pouch.

    The VIP TWO is larger and as they are squashy it still fits into my SBS or Lexy. When I put it into a Bayswater I just let it expand

    They also come in lots of colours

    Hope that helps :smile:
  7. Oh great, thank you.
  8. I got this liner from primark, only £4 and fits perfectly in Lexie, Bays, Roxy etc


  9. Haven't ever thought of looking in there.....perfect!!! :smile:
  10. :ty: that does help a lot :biggrin: and i think if i expand it for my Neely it would fit the same as in your bays :biggrin:

    off to have a look at the lovely colours :love:
  11. Good ol' Primani!! - comes up trumps!!.....:biggrin:
  12. Hi hon - these look interesting, so I just popped on eBay and they seem to have 2 sizes of these at the moment: 26cm x 19cm x 8cm and 22 x 15 x 6 - so they are oblong and look nice and tough - prob best for more structured bags (Bays, Roxy, Alexa) rather than slouchier styles?!...:thinking:
  13. My sis is always in there i cant wait to get out ha ha ha which really gets her going but this looks good actually the colours are nice i might buy one next time im in town as well. Thanks for sharing
  14. Thanks, I'll take a look :biggrin:
  15. I have suede grey Bays and suede grey large bays (like a carry-on size). I sprayed both with Collonil spray for suede, both are holdign excellent, love them to death. I use suede a lot and love it. I also spray interior of the bag if it has suede. It reduces staining, or catching dark film where you hold the bag the most - handles, flap near the lock...all looks as new on both bags