Mulberry Sub-Forum?

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  1. I was just wondering if it would be possible to have a Mulberry sub-forum installed? I know there's not a huge amount of threads on Mulberry, but it would be nice to have them all in one place so it's easier to sought through them all. And also, there seems to be a few Mulberry authentication threads popping up, so maybe in a sub forum they could all be merged ala the LV, Chanel forums etc

    If it's not possible to create one now, can you please please please do so when there is an abundance of Mulberry related threads?

  2. Yes I want a Mulberry subforum too, then I can show of my Roxanne there!!!!
  3. oh yes... PLEASE... I love Mulberry bags :nuts:
  4. Yes please!!:yes:
  5. Yes a mulberry sub forum soon please:tender:
  6. Since using the newcomers lounge i realise there are other Mulberry lovers out there but we do not have a place to talk and show our bags off. How would this be made possible?anyone else interested?
  7. yeah definetly! The more sub-forums the better! :yahoo: I think TPF can be terribly one-sided. Like, no one cares about Givenchy or Lanvin
  8. I am definitely interested in this
  9. Hopefully we will get more support on this thread and we may get a Mulberry forum :yahoo: I never know where to post Mulberry stuff :confused1:
  10. I'm interested in a Mulberry forum because I want to like Mulberry bags -- but the fact that they are so heavy and the leather stains... So, I want to learn more about Mulberry and why people love it so much. I adore the Bayswater.
  11. If you treat the bags with Collonil spray this prevents some stains but i think the darwin leather looks so much better with a little bit of wear :yes: I have a Mulberry Roxanne made from python skin and it is fabulous. I also have 2 Bayswaters made from glove leather and this wears better than the dawin leather and is soooo soft . Not all styles are heavy like the Kensington this is a great everyday bag and the Elgin is great too. I find the Emmy is very roomy and not too heavy for its size. I am not a fan of the Brooke because the shoulder strap is chain and does not fit on my shoulder correctly but i know some people have no problems with this.
  12. I'd be interested in a mulberry forum!!! love the bags!
  13. Wonder who is the person to approach to shout about this louder ? I'd love to show off my bags :yes:
  14. yes please I'd love a mulberry sub forum! :drool:
  15. Thanks for this info! This is exactly what I need to hear. Do you wear your Bayswater on your shoulder, or do you hand carry? I imagine for a city lifestyle, the Bayswater is good because you can carry alot. I have a car lifestyle, and would it feel like carrying a suitcase with me? Does it "feel" like a big bag? The Elgin seemed overwhelming too. The Emmy looks boxy. Even though I say this, I am totally enthralled by how they look. Totally cool! I think I have some Mulberry in my future. But want them on sale! ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.