Mulberry Strap

  1. Hello, I recently purchased an Emmy bag for a steal at Saks outlet. The only problem is that it's missing one of the straps... not such a big deal, since they're interchangeable, but I was going to contact Mulberry's CS to inquire about purchasing another one. Before I do that I just wondered if anyone knows how much they charge for replacement straps? Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Not to sure about emmy straps , but I know that the Somerset satchel straps are £30.00 .:smile:
  3. I find Roxanne is kinda bulky for the shoulders. Wonder if I can get a long strap to attach to the extra hoops found at each ends of the bag and use it like a Rosemary?? Anyone here has done that?
  4. I've looked into it although I don't have a Roxanne yet (but the only way I'd ever get one would be if I could attach a strap). The Rosemary strap is £50 and it can be attached to the Roxanne. You can order it from the Repairs department.
  5. Ooooooooo,that could be a real go-er for me!! When Sophies doing her Desert Orchid across the park I definately need my hands free!!!!:tup:
  6. Thanks ditab! I will check with my local Mulberry boutique for that.
  7. Don't tell them why you need the stap- just say you need a replacement as they don't like you to 'change the design' of a ceratin style bag. Hope that makes sense!

    - or at least that's what I read on another thread!
  8. Thats exactly what they said to me at the Mulberry shop in Manchester just after I got the Roxy!!!!!!(idiots)
  9. ^^So true, I don't see why you can't get another strap if you like!

    That's one thing I really like about Louis Vuitton, they do sell extra straps in all sizes and don't mind at all if you "change the design" by carrying , say, a pochette with a long strap as a messenger bag. They find it creative and love input like that from their customers!

    Mulberry would absolutely benefit from that policy. :yes:
  10. Absolutely!:tup:
  11. Hi,

    Sorry to re-ignite such an old thread ... i actually have a rosemary and would like to make the strap even longer, so its a messenger style ... does anybody know if its possible to get an even longer shoulder strap than the one thats on the rosemary already ... ?

    I remember seeing some celeb from the UK with her roxanne and a really long strap, but dont think it was mulberry ...

    thanks :smile:
  12. It was Alexa somebody or other and she'd put a guitar strap on her Roxy. I bought a Martha messenger and the canvas strap is detachable so I use it on my Roxy. The way to get a longer strap is to call Mulberry and say you need a replacement strap for a Martha or a Seth (name one of the messengers) and you can order one. They are about £50.
  13. thanks, thats great!

    ... and yes it was a pic of Alexa Chung ... i think i might be a bit old to be using re-fashioned guitar straps, so will order the ones from mulberry you recommend. ;)
  14. I know this is a different bag to what has been discussed but as this thread is about straps I just thought I would let you know that a new leather strap for an Effie is £90.
  15. thanks for that - is the effie a messenger style bag. i.e. would the strap be longer that the shoulder strap that comes with the rosemary?