Mulberry SS in NYC 12/12 & 12/13

  1. In case you haven't spent all your holiday bonus @ Rafe, LM. Botkier, Chloe, and such...

    12/12 & 12/13 10AM-7pm
    Metro pavilion 123 W18th St 5th floor (Btw 6th and 7th Ave)
  2. Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaan! It's not the money, it's the closet space!
  3. I arrive on Thursday. I will try to rush over. How exciting!!! Thanks
  4. Thank you for posting. I am in search of a wallet.
    make me want to go to NYC just for the sale!!
    thanks for posting!
  6. Oh so tempted. Last sale I went the last day and there was nothing left.

    I used to live right by this place too - would have been so easy to spend my money!
  7. thanks for the heads up!!

  8. They have the BEST wallets! That's what I use creighbaby!! I got it at the summer sample sale. I think it was $150.
  9. oooh!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!
  10. Just got off the phone w/the Madison Ave phone orders.
    Sigh :sad:
  11. Great news! Thanks for posting this!
  12. Haven't seen Mulberry IRL, but have heard good things about it. Have been hoping for a sale. Thanks for posting!!
  13. Up to 70% off. That's a bit scary. I don't think the prices are going to be as good as the sale they had during the summer. Hopefully, it won't take 2 hours to pay this time!
  14. sorry for double post
  15. What kind of price they had during summer sale?