Mulberry spotting

  1. I'm off to the South of France tomorrow - all in the name of Mulberry research naturally! ;)
    Obviously I'll not be spending my time lazing around on our terrace reading or having long lunches with DH but scouring the streets of Cannes & Nice for Mulberry bags!
    This is traditionally LV & Longchamp territory so it'll be interesting to see if Mulberry has filtered through to the Cote d'Azur. Will report back at the end of next week. Talk to you all then.
    PS: Black Alana and tangerine Araline are coming with me!
  2. Enjoy the scenery and have a great time.
  3. I'm like a crazy stalker if i see someone with a Mulberry. I spotted a girl with a beautifully aged oak Bayswater in Office the other day. I'm sure she must have been quite disturbed by my staring!!
  4. Hope you have a great trip, SJ :yes:
  5. Have a wonderful, lovely, delicious time! Looking forward to your report on all things South of France....! You lucky lady!
  6. Have a fantastic trip! Looking forward to your report, when I was there last spring I saw lots of LV but no Mulberry - lets hope it will be different this year!!
  7. Have a fabbo time x
  8. have a fab trip. Can't wait to hear your report!
  9. Have a lovely time!
  10. Me too! I saw a girl with an oak rosemary like mine yesterday, inside the new shopping centre in Derby.. ... I was trying to follow her discreetly to show the OH what I was taking about, but he wasnt getting it at all and was just really :confused1: by the whole thing - ''what do you mean someone has your bag??!!'' :rolleyes::noggin::graucho: Men eh?!!

    Sarajane, I hope you have a lovely holiday!