Mulberry soft leather - do I need to continuously spray with protectant

  1. Hello, I hope someone can help me with this. I recently bought a soft leather small Mulberry which I immediately sprayed with Colonil protectant.

    I got a small milk drop on it :sad: and its left a tiny stain, so now Im wondering whether I should keep spraying the bag every week or every few days to protect it from more stains.

    Is this a good idea?

    Thanks in advance to all who respond :yes:
  2. Several coats of protectant is more effective than 1 heavy spray so i normally spray my Mulberry bags a couple of times when i first get them, then approx every month depending on how much use they are getting.
    Sorry to hear about the stain.
  3. Thank you for this.

    I will do the same as you I think, just in case Im careless again. (No point crying over spilt milk) :smile:

    I was just reluctant to respray as I wasnt sure if I would be spoiling the leather by respraying it again and again.
  4. Hello all, where does one get Colonil, I had never heard of it before Flyvetjo recommended it to me a few days back. Do you know if it is available in the States? I have a feeling that I need some.
  5. mombug...try eBay, they have a few on at the moment.
  6. Hello:
    You can buy Collonil in eBay UK.
    I bought it from the seller "onlybowls".
    "joatupwey" sells it too.
  7. I don't use my Roxy very often...possibly once every two months or so...and I spray her before each use. I have had her for 2 years now and she's still pristine.
  8. You can buy from not online but if you telephone them they will take the money from a Visa card etc and it is cheaper than the sellers on eBay as they have added a £ or 2 .
  9. Thanks everyone. I will try Ebay as soon as I sign off. :smile:
  10. you can buy collonil waterspot from