Mulberry Snakeskin cosmetic Case

  1. The Mulberry Snakeskin cosmetic Case.. :yahoo: The petite bag is just the right size for your beauty loot, and its metallic look is glam times 10.
    Any one saw this already?
  2. Nope I`ve not seen this, could you maybe find a link so we can all have a peek .
  3. [​IMG]

    This was posted in some thread already. Image from NAP. It's gorgeous alright.:drool:
  4. Yes l did see this on NAP but cant remember how much - l though it was quite expensive but personally l would rather spend the money on another bag as it would only be put inside a bag if you see what l mean - so l wouldn't see the real beauty of it!!!
  5. Oh yes of course , I love it but as I only go out about 6 times a year , and then its only Justins boring work do`s I don`t think that I need one !!
  6. I saw it IRL in Selfridges, it is very cute but very small as well, I have been thinking about getting one. BTW the Mabel in the gold snakeskin is spectacular IRL.
  7. it is very gorgeous,but I don't really do make up at the mo,Sophie,housework, sitting at home or going to Asda are about as glam as get at the mo!! But it is vey lux!! So glam getting that out to redo your lippy in the ladies!!