Mulberry small zipped bayswater for work? Wear and tear? Saggy bottom?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    I've been looking for a smart work bag for a while. I like the structural look of the zipped bayswater. It seems pretty secure for London rush hour and big enough to fit my laptop. Just wondering if anybody own one and use everyday, how's it wear and tear? Would the bottom gets saggy if I carry my laptop around? TIA
  2. You have maybe already gotten it? If big enough for your laptop it would be a great choice. It's a sturdy and wonderfully structured bag and I think it would hold up to everyday hauling around. I have the heritage myself, but a colleague has the zipped. I think she has the bigger model, though. Would be too small for laptop, IMO, and too heavy for the crossbody strap? I would take all my stash to shop and try
  3. Thanks for input. I haven't got it. Still thinking. I might pop to the store in London next time I go down for a meeting and try put my laptop in it. Just wondering how does the leather do in the rain? Do you get rain mark at all?
  4. I use my bags no matter how it pours down outside, but I always bring a chamois with me to dry them off when I go inside. And I keep them well impregnated.
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  5. I have used my small bays in the rain without any problems. I have treated with water stop spray. I also use a bag organiser inside which helps with any sagging. I haven't put a laptop in it but have used as a day to day bag and it has held up well :flowers:
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  6. The Zipped Bayswater is a structured bag that I don't think you need to worry about it losing it's shape. The weather is sturdy and can withstand rain, although you can also use Collinol waterstop spray for extra protection.
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