Mulberry Sightings!!

  1. I tried this bag on yesterday Flossie (you have great taste). I thought it was so ladylike & loved the 25 size. Please can I ask what you wear it with? I found it on me to be more handheld as I couldn't get it on my arm over my coat comfortably. Spotted some Mulberries (the walk from Bond st station to Bond st is the best place to spot handbags) Bays & a Maggie.
  2. I think I might!!
  3. Ali, I'm sure I saw a Barnaby at Shepton but I can't remember what colour. I did have a rummage through the messengers and remember seeing that name.
  4. Jo, I found the photos of TropicalGal's Choco Barnaby (when her daughter modelled it) - this is the one I saw today and I WANT ONE!!!!!!

    TG - I hope you don't mind me posting this link.

    (I also hope I don't start Barnaby Fever now!!!)
  5. I think it goes with most colours , grey , black , purples , plums .
  6. That's wierd, I've just this minute searched Barnaby's on eBay and there is one choc one on.
  7. the woman in the queue in front of me at Tesco yesterday has a choc somerset. I kept nudging my OH and using my eyes to try and get him to look at it. I couldn't say anything or she would have heard me. lol
  8. looks great and really user friendly Ali. Don't know what it would be like or how it would hang if you put loads of stuff in it though!
  9. Ali-B, I definitely saw the Barnaby but the one I picked up was a mocha colour not a chocolate. There were a lot of messengers all stacked up together so they seemed to have a good stock in. Good luck!
  10. Its Black Tireebabe, but thanks anyway. I'd rather pay full price than buy from eBay anyway to be honest.

    I'm amazed at how many Mulberry bags I have seen in my little town now although I must admit I think I see the same people, just with different bags!
  11. I saw a woman with an oak Bayswater yesterday with a socking great water stain across the front. Poor Bays.
  12. Today in sainsbury's I saw a lady with a chocolate brynmore, and another woman with an oak Antony (the small one):tup:
  13. I saw my usual lady at the gym this morning with her Chocolate Roxanne.

    The thing I find amazing about this lady is that for somebody who has some very lovely handbags - she is very miserable!!!
  14. Not sure if this counts, but on Sunday I was in Selfridges London and walked past the Mulberry stand and spotted the Champagne (or w/e colour we are calling it now) Bays and ladies she is a beaut I tell you. Saw a few people toting Roxys and walked by a lady carrying a Patent Red Roxy.
  15. I had somebody recognize my bag as being Mulberry. For me, that's about as good as it gets. Sorry, but I was excited and my husband just rolled his eyes and groaned.

    US is Mulberry deprived.