Mulberry Sightings!!

  1. I've got this bag and I've never seen another one so good to hear there are others around!
  2. I`ve got one too !!

    Great bag.....and they were cheap !!"
  3. Should of said got it half price in the christmas sales ;)

    Appartently these bags were not big sellers.....

    I love mine :heart:
  4. I loved Sj's magenta hanover when I saw it!!!! Glad you're loving yours too Taz!
  5. [​IMG]

    is this one in oak?

    i quite like this style
  6. ^ Yeah that the Oak one - you can see SJ's Magenta one in her new Family Photo.

    I didn't see any Mulberry today except my own Oak Bays!
  7. I v rarely see Mulberry around here in the sticks. Might see some in Cambridge......
  8. I missed getting my magenta in the Christmas sale when it went down to £312 and ended up scouring the country for one. I got mine for £357 & bagged the last one in a store somewhere up north. I love it & wish they'd done the Hanover in glove leather in a range of colours as it's a great shaped bag.
  9. I lost count of how many Bays and Roxys I saw over the last couple of days shopping in Oxford St. Crazy how popular Mulberry is.
  10. I saw a woman with a black brooke yesterday, and another oak brooke a few days go - funny, since I haven't seen any brookes around for ages. And they both looked beautiful, and well loved!
  11. Saw a black roxanne yesterday at the train station. The woman carrying it had a very casual look going on, don't mean to be rude, but she was sort of really scruffy, but the bag was real :s Maybe she was having a bad day or something, even I probably don't look like I should be carrying a mulberry half of the time :nuts:
  12. I was mooching around Oxford St with my black Bays the other day, you might have seen me ;)

    Bays and Roxys are my most spotted in London full stop. I can never quite work out which ones are fake though.
  13. I never see any on Oxford street...but Waterloo always gets my muberry lust going...When I was looking for an OAK Antony I saw a choco one....when I wanted the Red Mabel ....I saw a choco one........When I wanted the Choco/black bays I saw a Black Bays...!
    I saw a woman in M&S on Tuesday and she had a Black Somerset in the same style as Jo's Plum one.... they are sooooooo nice!
  14. I quite like the fact that I don't see a lot of Mulberries actually. It makes me feel exclusive!!! Ha ha!
  15. I'm off to Marlborough tomorrow & expect to see quite a few Mulberries. There's always an older chap in mustard coloured cord trousers too - seems to be obligatory male uniform in Marlborough!