Mulberry Sightings!!


Jun 28, 2012
I've seen so many vintage Ms out and about lately (the Darwin/NVT ones c. 2005ish - 2009ish) - hadn't seen many for years previously. Are they having a bit of a revival? Gorgeous oak Brooke worn as a messenger on a brass chain strap, oak Elgin, black Knightsbridge, oak OG Effie, many many Bays of all colours, a mustard Annabel (how's that for a rarity), a few Roxys, a sumptuously battered oak/choc Emmy and more. All in various parts of NE England.

I've just bought a stunning black Alana from a lovely seller on eBay - only used a couple of times and in perfect condition, with original dustbag/tags/carecard. It was like getting a brand new Darwin Mulberry! The style has seemed a bit dated for a few years but suddenly, it feels fresh again. That, and the sudden upsurge in styles from that era around and about (and the corresponding price rises for preloved, although Alana was a steal!) would back up the theory that vintage M is having a moment. Such is the cyclical nature of fashion I guess!
I agree some of the classic Mulberry bags are having a revival. One theory I propose is that Netflix recently had at least one of the Bridget Jones movies on - the third one, I believe, where she goes to a music festival and is carrying her Bayswater. I wonder if that encouraged people to pull theirs out.

I do enjoy looking at photos as those threads get updated.