Mulberry shoes -- coming soon!

  1. Oh no!!! I am in trouble now!!!!! Thanks for posting!! (i think:nuts::nuts:)
  2. Well, have to start working extra hours... Shoes and boots it´s my passion next to bags, oh dear:tup:!
  3. Shoes and boots and bags, oh my! Can you spell Second Mortgage boys and girls?
  4. Unfortunately,yes.......................................................................oh dear:nuts:
  5. That sounds interesting.....or maybe I just mean expensive, can't wait to see what they are like.
  6. Jimmy Choo designer at Mulberry. Sounds like trouble for me as well.
  7. Oh dear, looks like I`m going back to work part time soon(really!!)
  8. Oh my, this is certainly interesting! Can't wait to see what they look like!
  9. Oh I wonder if they will have a cute little mulberry tree on them
  10. I am crazy about shoes but, for some reason, I'm not too excited about this. I suspect that Mulberry shoes will be frumpy for some reason but we'll have to wait & see.....
  11. Hurrah - I have no trouble in giving expensive shoes a miss!
    The Mulberry clothing has never done it for me so I can't see the shoes giving me any sleepless nights.
    I'm with Ditab - I just don't think these are going to be hot like Lacroix or Gina! Who's for sensible brogues????
  12. ^^^ I love a cute pair of flats!! I am hoping for something promising!
    Every now and then Cole Haan will have some, but sometimes they are hard to find!
    Since I am tall, I don't wear that many heels, especially high!

  13. Actually in my line of work a pair of sensible brogues, cord trousers and my choco bayswater would be ideal!!!!!:nuts: Mind you the amount of 'stuff' that ends up on my shoes at work i don't think spending money on 'designer' would be sensible !!!:s
  14. "stuff" :yahoo: Can imagine every single piece of it...:yucky: