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  1. Is it true you get 20% off if you have 500 shares?
  2. :yes: On full price & outlet prices .. but not sale prices apparently.
  3. It is indeed Pears - and the discount is valid at the Outlets also - even sale prices.
  4. I expect the share prices have will zoom up if they "see" our chat, and realise that we need their bags!
  5. how much does 500 shares cost? ;)
  6. They went down to something ridiculous like 68 p last year .. but have gone back up a bit now!
  7. I bought mine 2 weeks ago and they were £1.70 each.
  8. I'm very tempted, but I think I'll watch the prices for a bit and see what they do. Why oh why didn't I discover Mulberry last year?
  9. Hi Peardrop,

    I got mine at £1.10 last year so my £500 is now worth nearer £800. As well as that I've bought two full price bags, a purse and a few Christmas presents. I've already made £500 worth of savings on purchases.

    If you have easyish access to a store and anticipate buying one or two more new bags, then TBH I'd rather have £500 in Mulberry shares than in the bank.

    And it's so easy to buy your own shares now online through your bank. None of this stockbroker hoo ha.

    And honest I do not work for Mulberry!!!

    I noticed in another thread you mentioned "White Horses" peardrop. I adored that as a child and watched it every time it was on in the holidays. I used to wonder why their lips didn't match their words until I realised it was made in Eastern Europe I think. I still could sing the theme tune.
  10. I wish you could use the SH discount in JL & HoF! I would have to go to London for Mulberry... or Bicester. I still plan on getting some this year though :graucho:
  11. Corries

    Thanks for your experience in using the shareholder discount. I just need to convince my husband it would be a way to save money :biggrin:
    I never realised "White Horses" wasn't english! My mum and dad must have had a rubbish tv! I'd love to see an episode again- do you think it would be really awful?
  12. Hi Peardrop. I bought share`s in october last year.Made a great saving over christmas on presents.
    I also think the share price will rise more mulberry seems to doing very well as a company.
  13. Your telly couldn't have been worse than ours. It was B&W and you had to warm it up a few mins before the programme started. I'll come round and act out an episode for you. I'll play Julia, Hugo Uncle Dimitri and a Lippazaner stallion!

    Loads of kids programmes were imports then. Robinson Crusoe, Flashing Blade, Singing Ringing Tree, Belle and Sebastian. Must have been cheaper than making our own.
  14. How are you going to mime the bad dubbing- can't wait!? you could always get one of those horse puppets from "Warhorse" for the stallion, or perhaps a panto costume. The prancing is going to be great :yes:
  15. I'll speak in a clear posh English accent ( a challenge for a Glaswegian) but act agitated and worked up like an Eastern European.

    They had class driven subtitles too. Working people like stablehands spoke in a " Cor blimey, where's me perishing saddle mate!" And rich people spoke like Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh.

    Young folks today don't know what they are missing.
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