mulberry shares, how to get them?

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  1. hi all
    need some help, i want to buy some mulberry shares how do i go about this? do you automatically get sent the 20% off card? im a complete newbie but OH said he would buy me some as he knows i will get full use out of 20% off!

    please help i have no idea!
  2. you need to buy 500 shares through a trader. I used RBS online trader and it took about a week to register and receive my passwords. Then I could buy my shares which were £1.65 each. About an hour later you will receive a confirmation document which you email to Mulberry and then your discount card is in the post the next day.

    Email me if you want any more info :smile:
  3. Tiree, do you happen to know if buying shares is also possible for us foreigners?
  4. Hi. I was wondering if the shares are available to those in the United States and if the discount would work in the States as well.

    Does anybody have an idea?

  5. BC, I don't know much about share buying but I imagine if you a using GBP then I can't see why not.

    You would have to check that the Mulberry in your country would accept the discount card and if it would still be 20%.
  6. Next time I visit the shop (which will be soon I hope) I will ask! Thanks!
  7. No problem, am happy to help :smile: and if I can help further please just email

  8. Tiree, is this the Contract Note? Or do you have to have the actual share certificate?
  9. thanks hun, i will look into it. i could really do with the 20% off! mulberry act quick which is good!

  10. I'm sure it's just a PDF of the contract note MF. I often mistakenly refer to it as a share certificate.
  11. they are kind of expensive at the moment arnt they? good time to buy? will they continue to go up?

  12. I think they have been as high as £2 ish BMB before the a**e fell out the markets year before last.
    Personally I look at the amount of stuff that sells out, the number of Tpfers from abroad coming on the forum, the Alexa hype and the fact that Mulberry carries little or no debt. I'm not worried. But of course all this is anecdotal and self enabling!!

    If I had bought my £500 and they were now worth only £5.00, I'd still be ahead with all the savings I've made for myself, friends and family.
  13. yes thats a good point!!
    can you save 20% at outlets and the sales? or is it just full price things?
  14. Corries, do you know if it's the Contract Note that you email to Mulberry?
  15. I'm sure is MF. I haven't been in my account since I bought the shares and have forgotten the passwords to check!!!