Mulberry Share Watch!

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  1. To be honest, I think I’m gonna get some. Funds are generally not doing too well right now – to the point that my personal investments (stocks and ETFs I’ve invested in) have outperformed the portfolios of fund managers who charge a fee...
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    Done. Officially a Mulberry shareholder. It's a long-term investment, so not too concerned about the recent slide (in fact, it made my decision easier).
  3. I'm contemplating taking the plunge - total novice here.
  4. You’d get it cheaper than I did earlier in the week!
  5. Shares went to 260p! Is it possible another company may try to buy out?
  6. I was contemplating some shares as well but noticed they have now put the minimum amount up to 500 to qualify for the Shareholder Discount. I have only just recently started buying Mulberry again & the Stores where you can use the card are not local to me, so don't think it will be worth my while now !!!
  7. Yes, I noticed that. I was tracking the price and think it fell to £3, went to purchase and noticed the limit increase.

    Also, anyone that has 250 shares, will have to increase to 500 to be eligible for the discount.

    The minimum shareholding to qualify for a shareholder discount card has increased to 500 shares from 8 October 2018, for new shareholders. A discount card can be requested as soon as the minimum holding is met. Shareholders who held the minimum 250 shares pre-8 October 2018 will qualify for a discount card until 31 March 2020, if they still hold their shares. From that date, the new 500 share minimum will apply. All cards have a common annual renewal date of 31 March.
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    Is the shareholder discount still 20% and can you apply it to the sale items? What other brands offer shareholder discount?
  9. Not great news... but on the plus side at least the shares are very cheap now if I need to buy more to retain my card!!

    @ipsum, the discount is only on full price items sadly!
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  10. Thanks for your reply! Too bad that it applies to full price goods only.
  11. Quick question. So, when you first ask for the shareholder discount, it’s via the contract note. What about in your second year, etc.? What do you send investor relations?
  12. Also, to anyone who is interested in investing... make sure you do not invest money that you will need a few months (or even a couple of years) down the line. I make it a point that I only invest money I don't necessarily need in the near future... or even until I retire.

    The amount of time I hear people complain about the day-to-day rise and fall of the stock markets makes my head ache. Unless you have a lot of money (millions) to play with and have amazingly fast supercomputers that can trade for you at the slightest up- or downtick, the buy and hold strategy is typically best.
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  13. Hi, the investor relations team send out new cards every year - I assume they just check the shareholder register to see that you still hold the shares. I’ve never had to do anything to receive the new card, it just arrives in the post.

    Hope this helps!