Mulberry Share Watch!

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  1. Not surprised to be honest, their pricing is still way off where it needs to be.

    Every time ive been in a store this year, I've been the only one in there apart from someone getting a refund

    Nothing has appealed to me in the outlets this side of June because of the prices

    IMO their core bags need to be priced between £500-£800 full price because I cant see any change in direction
  2. I've been in 2 stores at different ends of the country in the last couple of weeks; both had Cara bag displays but probably more importantly, both were empty apart from me. I think Mulberry really have lost their core market with the prices now.

    It makes me sad to say but there's really nothing that appeals to me at the moment, even without the price tags.
  3. Thanks Moo - hadn't received this yet.

    So am I interpreting this correctly - UK retail (not wholesale to other retailers) sales only bring in twice as much as outlet sales? Very interesting if so...

    Whilst the Cara bag isn't to everyone's taste, they have clearly found a winner in the oxblood version - and Tessie is a more traditional addition to the range - positive steps that I hope they continue...
  4. I did notice neither store I was in had any of the Tessie range in oxblood, so I assumed it was popular. It would have been my pick so makes sense!
  5. It's all very sad and makes you wonder where it going. I feel the same, there is nothing tempting me. I never pay full price anyway but Outlet and Sale prices are not at all tempting. Obviously tourists are feeling the same, even with the 20 % vat refund when they leave the country :graucho:

    Tessie in Oxblood is still available online. It doesn't make sense they weren't displayed :nogood: still baffles me how they can't get the simplest things right.

    Pre-ordering with Cara bags was obviously a good move, supply met demand but launching Blossom etc in November :amazed: I just can't see many rushing out and buying full priced bags just before Christmas. The emphasises is always on early sales now for Christmas spending.
  6. I know this thread has been quiet for some time, but would be interested to see how everyone is getting on and if (total novice) it's worth investing now. IIRC at one stage weren't the shares around the £20 mark?
  7. I had 500 which I sold when they were £19 in 2012. They rose up to about £21 I think, and the predictions were that they were going to rise to around £32, so I then bought another 50 when they were £20 just for a speculative investment. Shortly after that, they crashed and have been around £10 for several years now. My 50 cost more than my original 500, I think I bought the original ones maybe around 2005. I don't intend to buy any more and have thought about cashing them in several times recently. It depends what you would want them for, if for the Mulberry discount (it reduced from needing 500 to 250 a while back), then it may be worthwhile but as an investment vehicle, who knows for the future, but short term, there are better return options.
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  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply - much appreciated.
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  9. I would say that if you’re tempted by the 20% shareholder discount, it could be worth buying the 250 shares you need to qualify... personally wouldn’t go for more than that, and I’d put them in a stocks & shares ISA.

    I bought my shares about 4 years ago at around £6.50, and they have reached the £10-11 mark during that period but have fallen back over the last few months...
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  10. Not looking good
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  12. I can't imagine Mulberry going out of business because of this.

    The article states that brands like Prada etc have much more money to lose and the loss of the same retail platform of course.

    Mulberry will regroup and plan accordingly, I am sure. No reason not to.
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  13. At the current share price the 250 shares needed to get the 20% shareholder discount are pretty cheap!

    Always some risk in shares though, and the ads always say “the value of your investment could go down as well as up” - the Mulberry share price has had some big swings since I bought mine...