Mulberry Share Watch!

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  1. Reduction in ceiling planned for SHD.... Reducing from £10k to £5k (net) from 1st April 2014

  2. A 50% reduction is a lot! Especially considering new prices. Potentially 4-5 bags and you're done.

    Wonder what's made it seem a good idea. Just an effort to remove all discounts?
  3. #948 Mar 28, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2014
    Oh wow, look what happened at 12:51pm today. All automatic trades so I can only surmise someone dumped a whole load of shares and didn't limit their ask price! Bizarre.

    Though if I were the buyer who picked up 4,212 shares for 650p, I'd be pretty chuffed. It's already back to 700p so a £2k gain in a couple of hours. Could do worse.
  4. Final dividend declared of 5p. Share price has been flat for a while around 750p, and with nothing particularly exciting on the horizon (that I'm aware of), I'm thinking of cashing out and putting my money into a more sensible tracker fund.

    What is everyone else doing with their MUL shares? Buy, hold or sell? :thinking:
  5. Any news on new CD?
  6. shares are up
  7. Yes saw that. Any ideas what has prompted it?
  8. I was curious too. The only recent public statement was on 16 Sep which announced that a non-exec director had died but I think (hope) the share price hike was just a coincidence against that.

    I think it was more likely to have reflected the fact that the label had a good showing at London Fashion Week. Also, might be close to announcing a new creative director.
  9. up again!
  10. OMG, has anyone seen the news, shares down a massive 27% this morning, lowest in 4 years......................................more profit warnings

    is it time for a buy out I wonder?
  11. wow, I didn't expect another profit warning. Altough I don't know much about share prices and so on, I have the feeling they need to find a creative director soon....
  12. The market as a whole is falling off a cliff right now. Mulberry and Burberry are both feeling the pinch in the UK.
  13. I thought the announcement of the new CEO was imminent and that a new creative director would follow shortly? Fingers crossed these will result in a rise otherwise it's looking rather grim.
  14. Sent to shareholders today.....

    As reported on 12 June 2014, the company anticipated a challenging year. The first half was expected to be particularly difficult, with it taking some time for the measures implemented after the April management change to take effect. Actual trading conditions have been more difficult than expected, in part due to the continuing headwinds affecting the luxury sector. Whilst sales trends have improved as the period progressed, indicating that the right steps are being taken to restore the business to growth, H1 revenues were down 17% to £64.7 million (2013: £78.1 million) and profit before tax for the full year to March 2015 is expected to be significantly below current expectations.


    The Retail business fell by 9% to £45.1 million (2013: £49.5 million), with a decline in the UK offset by growth in International markets:

    · UK full price sales were down £2.7 million (-12%) to £20.9 million. Sales have been adversely affected by a decline in footfall, particularly tourist shoppers;

    · UK outlet sales have continued to normalise from unusually high levels during the prior year, when discontinued inventories were being cleared. Outlet sales were down £3.0 million (-23%) to £10.1 million;

    · International Retail sales were up £1.2 million (+20%) to £7.5 million;

    · Online sales were up £0.1 million (+1%) to £6.6 million, accounting for 10% of Group sales (2013: 8%).


    Wholesale sales declined during H1 by £9.0 million (-31%) to £19.6 million. This decline, which has been greater than anticipated, reflects a combination of inventory reduction and conservative ordering by our Asian and European franchise partners.


    Following the launch of the Tessie bag family during June, we introduced a new family of bags developed with Cara Delevingne at the beginning of September. The reaction to these bag families has been positive and they have contributed to the improving sales trends. The next new product arrives in-store during November 2014 in time for Christmas, with the launch of the new Blossom tote bag, the Mini Lily and a new collection of small leather goods.

    We expect the wholesale sales pattern to continue for the remainder of this year before improving during 2015/16 as partner store sales stabilise and their inventories reduce.

    We maintain tight cost control across the business, albeit with a large proportion of costs remaining fixed. The opening of the Paris flagship store, planned for late Spring 2015, will mark the end of a period of accelerated investment in new stores establishing the foundations for the next phase of growth in both Europe and North America. This investment has involved significant capital investment and increased the fixed costs of the business substantially. Looking forward, the focus will be on growing sales to generate a return on this investment.

    We remain confident that we are taking the right steps to restore the business to growth. As we have explained, we expect that the improvement will be progressive over the medium term.

    "As I explained in June, my first actions on returning as acting chief executive focused upon reinforcing our product ranges. I explained that the impact would be progressive and should produce benefits over the medium term. The new products are beginning to reach our shops with the launch of the Cara Delevingne bags at the beginning of September and with further new product being offered in our shops during November. As expected, the first half has been difficult, but the Group remains profitable and cash generative, giving us the resources to invest for the future. Despite the current challenges, I remain confident that we will build on Mulberry's solid foundations and unique brand positioning in the luxury market to restore growth in the medium term."