Mulberry Share Watch!

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  1. #931 Jan 30, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014

    Oh boy now I'm curious ... I hope it's not Victoria B
  2. Yes I feel similar :tup: I really love my Mulberry bags and have far more Mulberry than any other brand but I have bought at sensible prices. I haven't had any bad experiences and I have always found customer services to be excellent. Neither have I had any major issues with my bags.

    However I definitely wouldn't pay the horrendous prices that are now being asked. This year, other than a scarf and gloves my only Mulberry purchase was a medium Lily in the sale. In previous sales I have always been temped by more than one Mulberry...........and sat in anticipation for hours waiting for the sale to be launched online :graucho: Instead I purchased a Balenciaga town with a good pre-sale discount. I felt driven to look elsewhere because of the prices and I got far better value for my money elsewhere.

    They are obviously not going to drop their prices but I bet they will have to heavily discount in the sales. For me this means I shall just be happy and enjoy the Mulbs I have. We all have different tastes and maybe some of the new styles will grow on me but for now I am not interested. The Bays shoulder is too fiddly, the zip tote too bulky and they are yet to make a Primrose or a small Suffolk to tempt for now I am consolidating :amazed:
  3. Totally agree with everything said already. I was not intending to purchase anything else but did make a couple of sale purchases in the end, only because the way they are going it won't be long before I am totally priced out, this is probably my final fling with Mulberry unless things change. Instead of concentrating on overseas markets, I think it would be better to satisfy their home market first not drive them away as this should really be the core of their business. I really hope that they manage to turn things around & appoint someone credible. But have to say I have a bad feeling about this :sweatdrop::nogood::sweatdrop:

  4. I totally echo this, princesspig; I feel so let down by the quality of the Mulberry bags I've purchased online recently (and, come to that, by the appalling experience I had in their so-called "flagship store" in August.) I don't feel that they are the "luxury brand" they would like themselves to be; the old Darwin bags oozed English style and quality, whereas the current crop reek of cheap leather, mass-production and non-existent quality control.

    I want to stay with Mulberry; to love the bags, feel my heart quicken when I open the tissue paper and adore my purchases. Instead, I feel a nervous dread when the box arrives and spend the first ten minutes checking her over for faults. (Not that it took ten seconds with the emerald Lexy, of which I still have to hear back from the Head Honcho at CS ...)

    I hope that Mulberry takes hold of its quality issues by the scruff of the neck and restores its name to the high-end brand it actually used to be ...
  5. Oh Icy like you I don't want to see the brand disappear. I love my bags too and get lots of pleasure from carrying them.
    I just hope they move him on and get someone else!!!!
    He seems to be in complete denial or maybe it is just extreme arrogance on his part.
  6. It's almost as if he's trying to hasten Mulberry's demise. I am hoping to try and do my little bit to help by purchasing an oxblood shrunken calf Alexa this afternoon. Might as well use my SHD at last!
  7. I had wanted to buy Mulberry shares for a while, but felt the share price was very inflated against earnings per share. Now the price is more in line with expectation and I wonder if it's going to be the new normal for a while. This is a difficult transition period created by a too-fast/aggressive upmarketing strategy, but I still think the brand will do well in the long term. Just trying to decide whether it's fallen far enough to buy now. I anticipate a share price rally when the new creative head is announced.
  8. Haha perfect time to push this topic back to first page, isn't it?:lolots:
  9. Up this their hype worked but will it translate into sale
  10. Indeed. Mind you, it's easy to create hype when you delete anything that's not sycophantic praise!
  11. Actually very interesting to see the movements today...some sales always,followed by the share price has now not changed.......mmmmmmn do we think they are organising buyers to stop the price plummeting any more when people sell????????
  12. ^ That would be illegal price fixing, I think, so I hope not!
  13. I've just bought some shares at 675p. Could have gotten them slightly lower a few days ago but I think this is still a decent price. I don't think there's money to be gained in the short term, but am cautiously optimistic about mid-long term outlook.

    I'm not hugely keen on the Cara collection but I think the hype is capable of generating interest for a little while. The "it bag" has always been an elusive, unpredictable creature and backpacks are in at the moment - for better or worse - so it's not outside the realm of possibility that this line could sell well. (Or it could bomb, who knows.) IMO a new head of creative in the next few months will probably boost share price a little, regardless of who they are. 31 March 2014 results will be out around May/June, which I personally don't think will affect the share price too much since the market has already adjusted to the profit warning.

    Most importantly I don't think Guillon is going anywhere in the short term. The majority shareholders bought a chunk of shares immediately after the profit warning/share tumble; more than anything else I think that is a public demonstration of their willingness to stick to his strategy for now. In hindsight perhaps the aggressive up-branding wasn't the best path to take, but the company is firmly on that track now, so it would be better to see it through rather than quitting halfway and backpedal, especially since they've pretty much burned their bridges with alienating the UK market.
  14. Good I said before cara apparently has millions of followers so it only needs a fraction,of,those to buy and the company is on the up again.....I don't wish it ill but the turn it has taken recently means it is no longer for me
  15. ^ This was similar to the though process talked through in our house this week when we thought the Sunday announcement might be a new creative director. We ultimately opted not to purchase at this time as my husband isn't convinced, but he is continuing to monitor.

    I do agree that Guillon won't go anywhere in the short term. They've commited to this strategy now for better or worse.