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  1. From The Telegraph:
    "Mr Guillon said luxury retailers in the UK are also suffering from intense competition from slightly more affordable brands such as Michael Kors, which have been expanding in this country.

    The market is polarising and customers who might previously have been prepared to spend £400-£600 on a Mulberry handbag are instead being tempted by brands offering bags at £250-£300, he said. Meanwhile other shoppers, with more to spend, are moving even further upmarket."

    I have certainly looked at an MK bag or too since they arrived in my local John Lewis!
  2. Yup I see more and more MK bags in Canary Wharf of late and even my daughter made me go into one of their stores and pointed out a stunning bag. I feel drawn to them as they remind me of Karen Millen bags who I've tended to use for many years. Very contemporary, hardware is always highly visible, they look hardwearing too and come in a rainbow of colours and affordable to a wide market, The MK bags on display always look A1 too, whereas I've seen some bashed up mulbs on display before..... At full price too!
  3. Will be announcing new Creative Designer during Fashion Week..... ;)
  4. C'mon, tell us... it's you, right?!?! :graucho:
  5. I personally don't like MK bags, they're just not to my taste. I do think Mulberry could do with some new styles rather than just doing the same bags in stripes, so I'll be interested to see what the new designer does.
  6. I must admit that I'm not surprised.

    The new bags don't seem as popular as the older designs, the quality is an absolute disgrace and dealing with customer service is like pulling teeth - and that's not okay when dealing with a premium brand.

    I've been a loyal customer for very long, but after having several issues with the quality and service provided, I've lost a lot of faith in the brand.
    Looking at the products they are currently offering (and taking the quality and service into consideration), I'm not sure I'd miss Mulberry very much if they went out of business now.

  7. I don't like MK bags either. To me it matters where the bag made in, I would like to contribute my money to hard labor to the same country I live in. If a bag made in China then it better be really cheap, because labor cost in china vs UK or US has huge gap. Plus I always feel we pay premium price for something to help crate jobs in the country we live in. Whenever I see a premium brand product made in china that's the end of my love for that product. I also fear they could be using child labor from china to make bags and only company make profit from it.
  8. For the past twenty years I've been a loyal shopper at Mulberry. There's not a design I haven't considered and if I've liked, as with the Bayswater, Alexa, Roxanne, Lily, Daria, Shimmy, Emmy ... that I have only bought in one colour. Then the day came when I was told that my next Bayswater was going to cost me £100+ than the year before, and each season subsequently, I'm suddenly expected to pay £200+, then £300+ than I have done before for new colours and designs. I was let down and angry. As a long time loyal customer of Mulberry, I decided enough was enough.

    Sadly �� for me and what I thought would be a life long love affair with Mulberry and ironically �� for Mulberry's "grand plans for the future", I am now in my mid-forties and able to afford £1000 on a handbag - but you know what...? I don't want to spend that much on my handbags just because I feel I'm being made to. Not when I use them as part of my daily life. I don't mind paying up to £800 for a bag that I can use everyday in our English weather, that suits my lifestyle no matter what, but any more than that? I was a Mulberry girl and then a Mulberry woman but I've moved on. I now shop at Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton for my bags. My next big investment bag will be a Baylee bag from Chloe. This new direction for Mulberry... ? I feel quite smug to be honest. I'm glad I have made a stand and no longer covet Mulberry, as a brand, it's lost the plot!!
  9. I now own 3!!
    2 jet set totes and 1 selma
    They don't make me weak at the knees like mulberry as no lovely leather smell but the prices are good for when I need a little bag fix!
  10. Exactly! It is frustrating when prices have just shot up due to greed and wanting to establish a luxury presence.
    I expect to pay more to support bags made in England than China but the price rises are not about that.
    Suddenly working English women were no longer good enough for the brand.
    Mulberry is not Hermes!!
  11. They weren't willing to pay me in bags! :lolots::lolots:

    They are being very secretive, but it is apparently..... a woman all men will know!

    Hmmmm :thinking:
  12. I can guarantee my man won't.....he hasn't a clue about fashion.....unless its Victoria beck ham!!!!!

  13. OMG Elvis - are we married to the same man??!!!
  14. What a load of rubbish he talks, why if we were previously prepared to pay £400 -£600 for a Mulberry does he think we've dropped to £250 for a different brand. Think he's also pushed these "other shoppers with more to spend" to buy more upmarket brands. If a Mulberry is going to cost you £1500 your money is better spent elsewhere.

    I agree, I don't think he can last 12months

    I don't like MK either. I purchased a couple of their bags a few years ago and have moved on. I don't think they hold their value and think they date very quickly. I was very disappointed with mine, they are also heavily reduced at the Outlet.
  15. I feel quite sad about Mulberry I'm sure this isn't what Roger Saul and his wife envisaged when they started the brand.

    For the last few days I have tried really hard (I have now worked out) to fall in love with another brand as all the controversy with Mulberry was putting me off a bit.

    My designer bag habit started in 1990 when I bought my first LV (which I still own). I bought the odd Mulberry here and there starting with a small congo Zinia which I loved, but didn't really fall in love. For the last few years I have abandoned LV and exclusively loved Mulberry (apart form the odd Le Pliage here and there!) Whereas I completely disagree wholeheartedly with the regular price hikes and the muddle there seems to be at the top regarding direction I still love my Mulberries and enjoy carrying them. They tick all the boxes for me and I seem to be lucky in that I have had nothing but excellent experiences in store, in outlets and from online sales and customer services, despite being quite a demanding customer (so my DH tells me, often in a very embarrassed way!) I have also had no quality issues either so maybe this is clouding my judgement a little. I'm sure if I had had any hassle then I would probably think differently :smile:

    This may be idealistic and probably not the most financially sensible way to look at it but I see Mulberry as going through a bit of a crisis anbd a down time. Mulberry has been with me for a good few years and its like a friend who needs a bit of help through a tough time. I know its been brought on by the change in direction\management but I'd like Mulberry to come through it and see that they need to return to their best market (like the Roxanne, Phoebe etc days). I would hate to see it fail completely and be another originally good brand which disappears :sad:
    Hope that made some sense??