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  1. Back up to £6.80 as people are buying at the bottom of the market.....well hopefully the bottom
  2. Glad I sold mine when they were £19!
  3. I bet you are!!!!!!
  4. I hope they will find a new designer soon to bring this company profit up again with lots of new ideas and new marketing strategies. I have high hopes for drool worthy new creative/functional arm candies :smile:
  5. I bet that was a few years ago

    Even the bottom is higher than the top a couple of years ago :graucho:

    I wish they had just been content to stay smaller. I much preferred them before they got greedy. They had a great reputation in the UK for being "a sensibly priced, quality brand" :nogood:

    The shares have been holding steady at about £10.50 for quite some time now. They fell when Emma Hill left briefly but soon recovered again. I wonder what will happen now, looks like everyone has lost faith.

    The huge price hikes have driven people to other brands and the move to the International market is definitely not that successful, even more so now Korea are pulling the plug
  6. Errrr no the share price was almost £25 in the spring of 2012 when Bruno took over....he has done a great job!!!!! Ruined the styles and the company's worth!!!
  7. I imagine Bruno is facing some tough questions about his strategy right now. Will be interesting to see if they hold their nerve and stay strong on the long term view of changing the brand profile, or if they think they have to react to this. I presume they might see it as a temporary setback due to the ongoing transition.

    Edit - personally I think whenever a company's shares get to around a tenner each, they're in danger of being overpriced. The banks were around that level when they all started to crash.
  8. :lolots: ................................I wasn't going back quite that far ;) I was just referring to the last few months, summer 2013 and the build up to Christmas. They looked as though they were hanging in there at just over £10 for most of the time after Emma left.

    Bruno certainly has done a good job............................If he hasn't sorted it by now it doesn't look hopeful.

    I just hope our bags don't end up virtually worthless
  9. I just tried to talk my husband into buying shares for the shareholder discount but he says no because he doesn't think they've reached the bottom yet! Am impressed he remembered the designer had left though, see he listens when I talk! :lol:
  10. Yes, thats why I bought them originally but its only 20% and they get discounted at least that at the sales and Outlets. I never actually used mine because I always got a far better discount later ;)

    It's also restricted use, you cant use them online or at the Outlets. I found that very off putting especially as you can get the extra 10% at BV now :graucho:
  11. It was worth it when it could be used at outlets but as you say not,really for anything else .....and IMO buying now would be risky
  12. Doesn't look good :graucho: really starting to hit rock bottom.

    I wonder if they will stick with Bruno or will heads roll...................something isn't working. I remember reading he was shocked at the discounts being offered by other brands before Christmas. Think they were rather slow to react and probably missed out on a lot of sales because of it. :nogood::nogood:
  13. Their greed will destroy the brand. All these profit warnings and excuses!! I give him another year at most before he gets the sack. They are trying to move too quickly and the price rises have been too fast too soon.
    Looking forward to more 50% sales in the future to bring prices back to what was full retail a few years ago.
  14. I don't give him 12 months, it needs a drastic change of strategy and he is either too naive or too arrogant to do what needs to be done to rescue the brand. They would lose face if they were to re-price and that's the crux of it.

    Bring pricing back in line with client expectations I.e. £500-£1000

    Have a serious re think about QC....poor Mayflys example was shocking

    They need to get a designer pronto - I mean you just have to see an Alexa whether it's fake or genuine but you know it's an Alexa......Same goes for Daria and Bays of course

    Cater for different styles, we don't all want formal bags, some like the slouchy look, if we want a Hermes style, those who have the money will buy the real deal

    Don't alienate your bread and butter,.....predominately working class women
  15. Ahaha.
    Exactly. I could manage £500-600 as a treat but triple that and my mind says too much.
    So where I would probably end up buying 3 bags at £500 I cannot buy just 1 for £1500.
    I think a lot of us in the UK think that way and so we end up not buying which affects their sales as the overseas market haven't really bought into the brand as yet.
    I lust after midnight bays again though! ;)
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