Mulberry Share Watch!

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  1. Hi ladies

    There's been quite a bit of talk about Mulberry shares here lately (or more specifically, the 20% discount available to shareholders!:graucho:)

    To anyone who's thinking of buying soon - they have gone up by about 10p in the last couple of days (currently selling at 181p). Obviously the nature of shares is that they might yet fall through the floor but they might continue to go up as well!!:nuts:
  2. Hi,

    I have been looking at these too! But does the 20% discount work online as i am in Northern Ireland and apparently there aren't any stores here that it can be used in!!!
  3. ^^ It doesn't work online at the moment unfortunately, and I for one think this is a massive oversight on Mulberry's part. Maybe it's worth dropping them an email and asking for their comments?? ;)
  4. So glad I bought mine last week! However they are a long term investment for me & my first foray on the FTSE. Just wish Mulberry would acknowledge receipt of my contract note.
  5. i look every day they do go up and down, between £1.61 up to about £1.81

  6. Have you emailed them?
  7. Wasnt so long ago they were about 67p each .... !! :nuts:
  8. Yes Tireebabe I have and asked for confirmation of receipt. If I don't hear by end of the day tomorrow I will give them a call Thursday as I am in the States at the mo.
  9. LOL, I bought at 69p last year! Missed "the best" day but hey ho :biggrin:
  10. :nono: Maybe one day, they'll reach the same dizzy heights as when I bought them, at nearly £2 per share!!
  11. If they drop to £1 each then i am having 500, lol. Don't reckon it's looking too likely to happen anytime soon though.....
  12. Not if we keep buying their bags!
  13. I was told last week that they're working on allowing vouchers to be used online so maybe share holders discount will be made available at the same time.
  14. Selling at 185p this lunchtime :graucho:
  15. they are to high for me to justify buying 500 yet! i want them about 1.60p