Mulberry Seth.

  1. Hi there and welcome!

    I think it is genuine.

    Just so you know you should ask all authenticity questions in the sticky at the top:smile:
  2. Hi RachelA
    Thanks a lot for your quick answer! How do can one tell it's genuine?
    I'm quite new here, could you tell me what the sticky is and how to ask questions there? Is it the header of the poster?
  3. Yes I agree it is genuine. You need to handle and check over different leathers and styles and then you will be able to tell much easier when something is genuine. It is often difficult from photos even to the experienced eye, but with some items there are tell tale signs, and with others when you have seen the genuine article a few times, some of the replicas don't even compare.
  4. I would say that the second one is also genuine camilla.
  5. Hi Hulahoop
    Thanks for your answer. :tup: