Mulberry Selwood?

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  1. Hi Alex R,just wondering how pure getting on with the selwood? How are you finding it weight wise? I'm considering buying the brown croc one that's in the 'coming soon' section :smile:
  2. Weightwise very good, it's quite light even when stuffed. Then again, I'm used to carrying Bayswaters, so it's no wonder the Selwood is light in comparison. I like it, think it's a good size. The brown croc one looks lush and groovy, I like it too. If you do decide to get it, please post photos!
  3. Ah awesome thank you that sounds perfect for me, I've actually never thought Bayswaters heavy- the ones I've had anyway- so I'm glad to hear that :smile: I'll stick some pics on when I buy :smile:
  4. Am giving serious thought to buying the oxblood one with silver hardware when I travel to London at the end of March. I hope they will make one in red too, at some point. If I do decide to take the plunge, will definitely post more photos. It is a very understated, lovely bag!
  5. My Selwood in moss green. Love the crossboarded calf leather!

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  6. Oh this bag is super tempting. Crap! I don't need another bag, but the shape and structure is nice!
  7. Wow, the moss green is really nice!
  8. Hi arnoldscigar, wondering if you ended up getting the selwood in brown croc? Very tempted by the sale price!
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