Mulberry Selwood?

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  1. This bag looks stunning on you. Congrats.
  2. Thank you! :smile:
  3. I saw this bag in person yesterday. It's gorgeous! Even more so on you! Congrats and wear it well :smile:
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  4. thank you! Seeing it in real life made me take the plunge and buy it. A red one with silver hardware would also be nice ( should they decide to make one :smile: )
  5. It is beautiful on you! And on its own too
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  6. Thank you!
  7. WOW, what an amazing modshot!! I LOVE THIS! It looks perfect on you...Congrats! :tup::love:
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  8. Thanks a lot, Kendie! :smile:
  9. It looks fantastic on you! I saw this bag when I was recently in London and am intrigued by it. If they put out a few different colors (and maybe silver hardware), I'd give it very serious consideration. Thanks for all the great pics!
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  10. I just noticed they have a midnight Selwood. I do not currently have authorization from my bank account to buy another bag, but when I do, that one might just find itself at the top of the list. I'll probably revive this thread at that point and ask how the bag is wearing. :smile:
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  11. There's another x-body satchel called the Darley, which is smaller. I'm losing track there are so many styles and colours coming through at the moment!
  12. It looks really nice on. the scratching would bother me loads. I think the gold bar reminds of Hermes so I don't think it's a bad thing. I love the colour too. The size is good for a smaller bag and over all, I'm impressed, but I have to agree with remainsilly that it doesn't say "mulberry" to me but then I would say it looks like a luxury bag just wouldn't be able to pin done the marker if I hadn't see it in here.

    Enjoy her anyway, she looks great with your outfit in the photo. Thanks for sharing x
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  13. I agree with youngster, would love to see it with silver hardware and a different choice of leathers ...
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  14. There's a croc leather version as well now
  15. yup, like black + silver, oxblood + silver, crimson red + silver, dark green + silver ( a shade darker than the current green) . Silver hardware would be great. :biggrin:
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