Mulberry Selwood?

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  1. Hello, ladies. Does anyone else have love for the Selwood? I sort of fell in love with the emerald green and the oxblood ones. As I'm also a lover of the Celine Box bag, it makes perfect sense, of course ( as there are quite a few similarities). However, I don't like the weird chunky golden rod thing that runs across it. The clasp on the Celine is subtler and doesn't throw the design out of proportion. I don't like the size or the colour. It looks like a golden drawer handle on an otherwise lovely messenger bag, so I'm quite torn. Any opinions?
  2. Am not a celine fan--but would choose celine over this.
    Crossboarded leather looks pretty dry/cheap, imo.
    Gold hardware bar seems large--would show scratches immediately & add weight to front.

    But, honestly, still cannot wrap my understanding around this:
    Because none of it feels like mulberry.:cray:

    Sorry not more help.
  3. Thank you, remainsilly, that was helpful! Where I live, I don't get to see the bags in real life, so can't tell how good/ bad the leather looks. It's a pity, coz I liked the green. As to the studs and chains Bays, I don't know either. The thick chain doesn't suit the classic design of the Bays. So this design fails to "make it work", to quote Tim Gunn :smile: . Thank God they're keeping the classics. And I must admit I like the tartan Bays :smile:.
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  4. I really like the emerald colour, as mentioned in previous threads there is a real lack of green handbags from most designers. I'm not keen on the gold bar on the front and also the leather looks quite plasticky as it has a high shine. I like the shape and the inside. If I could change anything I would make the shoulder strap adjustable, change the leather for something more Matt looking and lose the bar. The price tag is quite hefty too but I think I would be prepared to pay that with some modifications ( not that that's going to happen!)
  5. I like the idea of the Selwood - but the leather looks awfully dry and even with tiny cracks in some of the pictures on the website.
    I don't think it'll age very well.

    The website says "The body of the bag has an accordion design to allow for extra space" which is shown here:
    but surely it would look awful closed (if it even closes) if it's that full?
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  6. I love the Selwood based on the website pictures --it does have a similar feel to the box bag, but I agree, I'd have to see it in person with the gold bar and bottom flap closure. Anyone familiar with crossboarded leather? I'm not sure what that is.
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    Boarding leather is a process which folds the leather grain to grain. This is taken from Campbell-Bosworth...

    Boarding leather accentuates grain or produces additional wrinkles by folding the grain side and working the leather back and forth.
    A boarding machine consists of 2 rollers with a blunt blade that gets pushed between the rollers. The skin travels around the blade and is flexed tightly
    due to the nipping action of the rollers. Aggressive boarding can create a wrinkled or distressed look to the leather.
    Whilst I'm not familiar with cross-boarding, I would surmise it involves carrying out this process both horizontally and vertically across the hide.

    In effect, a highly processed leather. You can see the effect on this enlargement I've taken from the website...

  8. Worth noting, the lining leather is not cross boarded.
  9. I saw this one today in harrods, and as usual the pics on the mulberry site do not do it justice!! the green is so lovely and is the stand out colour. A few of the other new bags were in and I was surprised at how lovely the Camden was after not being fussed about it when I saw it on the website
  10. So interesting! Thanks for the info!
  11. What did you think of the gold bar and closure?
  12. I actually really liked it- very solid in an expensive feeling way and the gold was not a bright yellow one if that makes sense- I did wonder how the bag would
    Actually close with that but it works. All in all very impressed and think it may be my 1st ever full price (non sale non eBay) purchase :smile:
  13. I will say I'm not sure why but the leather on the green looked a lot better than that on the blue and oxblood- could have just been the shop bags but it seemed that the green just looked better
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  14. nice to hear so many different opinions! :smile: I'm thinking of ordering it online... one can always send it back, right?
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  15. Go for it. We would all love to see photos. Mulberry returns are fuss free too.
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