Mulberry selling pains

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  1. Anyone else suffer phantom pains when they sell a Mulberry???????????

    No matter how impractical a bag or how little I have used it (if at all), when I sell a bag I feel as if I have just lost a limb and immediately regret it. It's like it is still there, part of the M family:sad:

    What is/are the Mulberry bag(s) you regret selling the most and how long does it take one to get over it? (Buy another style or maybe buy the exact same bag again!?)
  2. In a word .. YES !! - have sold very few without at least some measure of regret .. funnily enough, the one that stands out as a "wish I hadn't done it" is my Medium Blush Bryn ?, had to sell (needed funds & had other similar sized bags) but I really liked that bag (my Reg' S/S 'Lexi was a wrench too !) - hoping to reacquaint myself with both at some time in the future ?.
    If I could keep them all, even if just for the pleasure of owning / looking at them, I would -but- finances don't allow me to keep bags I'm not using - fortunately, I do have a small collection of beauties so I console myself with that ! xx Holls
  3. Both yes and no! I recently sold my first Mulberry, a Bayswater that never got used more than a couple of times. I felt really sad when I packed it in the box, but as soon as it was gone I didn't think anymore of it.

    Have sold two other preloved bags that I didn't love, that was totally fine.

    There is only one bag in my collection that have sentimental value to me, the others I guess I could let go of but not without a fight :P
  4. I am considering selling my Bayswater ,which was also my first Mulberry .As much as i love her i just dont use her often enough .I think she has been out once this year ,for St Pats Day (she is Emerald green )
  5. Yes definitely, they are all very hard to part. I sold off all my really old ones last year. I hadn't used them for such a long time and I knew I wouldn't use them again. It wasn't easy, :cry: I knew they had to go but don't regret it now.

    I've also tried to be very ruthless and sell ones I don't use because I have similar. The trouble is I love them all but the more you collect the less you use your favourites.:nogood:

    I've found the only way I've been able to part with them is to sell several to buy one very special. I purchased a Chanel after selling off 4 Mulbs and an LV by selling another 3. I have reduced my Mulberry collection significantly but feel I now get to use all my bags far more :nuts:
  6. I have sold my first Mulb Bays earlier this week. It was a sad day I can tell u that :sad: but Bays have gotten too heavy for me to carry every day. She hasnt seen day light for the past year. But I'm very happy that she went to another Mulb lover who will appreciate her as much as I do.
    Now my next Bays will be up for sale soon, as soon as Im ready. Its the chocolate tooled. Gosh I love that bag so much but I just cant take her out anymore :sad: I do hope she will find a good second home.
  7. I have a "trick" which lessens the blow of selling on a bag I don't use enough... any money I make is in the bag kitty for buying bags I really want!
  8. Thanks Holls (& everyone) your reply was like breathing into a paper bag lol! Calmer now:smile:

    Absolutely true...I can't keep everything that I don't use if I want the next beauty as part of the family. I think it is something about the smell though, even more sometimes than the style or look which may be too impractical to keep. I had an older Congo tote that was just too difficult to use and had to go but I still remember the smell. Same too especially regarding Darwin and Goat. The smell is delicious. If I could bottle them:smile: Xx
  9. But yes, there will always be pangs of regret for those sold (there was a reason I bought them in the first place) and I too hope to reacquaint myself with the ones I have given u:smile:
  10. The only one i truly regret selling was my black regular Alexa, it was so useful in retrospect but I needed funds for another bag I was obsessed with and just had to have at the time.
  11. Hi Ladies

    I'm also just toying with selling my pretty little Mulberry Joelle Clutch/Shoulder bag. I know how you feel! I DO love it but it's sadly mainly sat in it's dust bag in a draw, which is a waste. I also would really like a black Mulberry satchel, so need to 'release some funds'😕

    I posted it on ebay and the high bidder didn't pay (very annoying). I bought it off ebay, but don't have the original receipt, just the care card. I would really like to get it authenticated & I've heard you may be able to help.

    It's chocolate brown and the serial number is 512282.

    Is this a free service? Please let me know if not.

    Many thanks.
  12. Hi:smile: If you go to Authenticate this Mulberry in the Mulberry Shopping thread (link below), the fabulous Authenticators can authenticate your Joelle for free:smile:
  13. Thankyou for your reply! It is definitely what I need to hear:smile: I'm not the only one:smile::smile::smile: and yes! the new additions certainly do dull the pain.......
  14. Yes me too! I've bought a bag back no less than four times before!! I'm a lot more ruthless these days but find that, through experiences I've had, a bag will always appear again one day on the second hand market.
    That's actually my problem, I then think, oh well....I'll enjoy a new bag 'right now' and one day I will be able to buy her back if I miss her. Ive a Revolving door at the front of my home. X