Mulberry Scotchgrain

  1. Please help!

    What do I use to clean my Mulberry scotchgrain bag?:confused1: I have had it for two years but I have not used that often, only around two months use.
  2. what colour is it ?
  3. I think you can use just any leather-cleaning product. Just make sure that you treat it with oil or leathercream afterwards. Scotchgrain is extremely durable. I have a scotchgrain bag that is about 20 years old and the leather is still in perfect condition!
  4. Scotchgrain is very durable - I use babywipes on mine and it works well!
  5. the lighter colours are harder to keep looking like new .
  6. It is a dark brown colour!

    Thanks all for your advice.:tup:
  7. I have just bought a lovely wax/cream.
  8. scotchgrain is not actually leather at all, its pvc on cloth base, made to be durable(see offical mulberry website). So it will wipe clean nicely with a damp cloth.
  9. Yep, boots baby wipes work great on mine and its a light aqua blue colour.
  10. Sorry to bump this thread but I have just purchased a used, pale pink scotch grain Mulberry for the summer and although 95% of the bag is immaculate, there is what looks like an orange pen/crayon mark on one side. It is not very obvious but I know it's there!!!! I have tried the baby wipes idea but it hasn't worked. I don't want to rub too much for fear of taking the colour out.

    Any ideas from you lovely, knowledgeable ladies? Thanks x